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Thursday, October 27, 2011

That crooked knee is gone part two...ooops!

This is a re-post of the original post about that crooked knee of mine.  Last night I'd had  a "brain in death spiral" posting. something unwise to do, as in TMI.  So, I ended up asking DH to delete that post, but he used the shot gun style of post deletion, bless his heart, and  collateral damage occurred.

So, here we go again, and I will answer all the comments in this new post. 

Original post:

"And good riddance!   Now it will be a nice straight leg like the other one.   My surgeons are to be praised to the higher heavens, as is the entire staff of excellent nurses and Aids that took care of me.  I had a wonderful roomie, who was just so much fun to be around.  We neither of us could sleep that first nght and stayed up all night talking!  She's just a great gal.   The next night I stayed up almost all night, trying the patience, I'm sure of the Nurses.  But I had the most amazing halucinations.  The pictures on the walls changed like a diorama.  If you can't sleep, at least you can entertain yourself.  The wonders of Percocet.

I can't thank you all enough for all the prayers and thoughts for DH and I.

I can't spell well, yet, either so this is going to be short.  It's being typed on the net book so it's a hassle.

Wolfie spent a day in Doggie day care so that he wouldn't jump all over my new knee, the first day home..  He is also all healed up, and has a bragging  scar now, too.  His wee scab hung on long enough for me to get snaps, and looked just like a tiny vampire bat, trying to fly away off of his head.  It was too cute!

In Hospital, you get this medicine that can give you halucinations.  (remember- I can't spell).  Well, my favorite one was of an Orange spider that only moved when I looked at it.  It would catch tiny things and eat them.  I thought it was probably a special guardian angel spider, but alas.  Both the P.T. and DH.could not see it move.   They thought it was only a very small spot on the wall.

Tomorrow I might get the staples out, and maybe a cane.  Yahoo!i"

Now, to pin the comments on this one:

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