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Friday, October 14, 2011

Meridian, from Down under - Upside Down, Accidental Art #21 , And Wolfie's far too scary day.

The image cast on the water was more interesting than the Yacht

DH, my sister, and I went to Shelter Island for fish and chips yesterday. Wolfie always gets to go because we can eat outside. Afterward we went to see the Yachts and other smaller craft, which are much more interesting than Yachts. Frankly, with names like "Peanut", "Woofie", and "Cream Puff" the little boats are much more charming. But the image of Meridian floating on the water, and turned upside down, was a beautiful piece of accidental art.

When we got home later at night, after dropping off my sister at her home, we almost had a very sad end to our day. Wolfie, free from his lead, ran down the drive and across the street to greet a rambuctious friend of his, and coming back to my call, as I tried to stop him from it, was hit by a car. I was trying to rush across into the street toward him because he saw me and started to dash across it to me. DH ran out to pick him up, and I just screamed and screamed, I was so sure that he was dying. I didn't know I could even scream that much but I was certain that he was dead in DH's arms. I sort of collapsed on the front porch, and screamed some more. Everyone probably thinks I am insane but I've seen dogs hit, not my own but ones from recent past we and others tried to rescue, and from days of yore. I thought my belov♥d little dog had died before my eyes.

I'm sure that he thinks I hit him as the last thing he probably remembers is me screaming "STOP" and NOOOOO!", as he ran toward me with his eyes locked on my own. He's been thoroughly checked out and has concussion, and the cone of shame, and a gash on his newly shaved upper face which gives him an entirely new "hairdo" and persona.

Wolfie with his sad look, looking even more sad.  This little dog has been through far too much
Bob told him he could be Frankenstein for Halloween

We have to keep him quiet for the next several days, and he goes to see his own vet for follow up. I'm glad we can afford emergency treatment for this fantastically sweet boy of ours. He and DH are bonded thoroughly now, since I'm sure Wolfie thinks I hit him. I don't think he remembers the car that hit him. What a day! We stayed up all night to watch him, catching naps in our chairs. Needless to say, DH will not let him off his lead until we are safely into the house from now on. Wolfie is too quick, and his hearing is a lot better than our own. He heard his friend; I did not, nor did DH.

I don't know when I'll post again. Time is getting very short here.

PS: To get paragraphs in Blogger now, I'm having to add HTML breaks < br > without the spaces. Are other bloggists having to do this too? Is it time to go to typepad or that other one? Is this something Google is doing to kill Blogger? Am I over reacting or just making some stupid mistake because this is only happening to me? I'm tired of typing in the html tag!


  1. Oh Lynne, I'm so sorry to hear about the little fellows accident. I hope he has a speedy recovery. He sure looks pretty pathetic.

  2. Thank you, Karen. He is much better by this morning, almost back to his normal self, but we are still taking him for his follow up with his own vet.
    He finally took a walk and played a little. He's on the mend. I think it's a miracle that he didn't die and wasn't hurt much, much worse - his was one of those tiny miracles that occur, a little Dog with Nine Lives? He absolutely will not go out at night now though.

  3. Oh no that is horrible! Poor little Wolfie!!! Send him kisses from me.

  4. He loves kisses, Kara. I will deliver all of them and say that they come from another Redhead in the family. hehehe

    He's doing well, and I look at him and feel like the luckiest woman in the world after what happened in that dark street on Thursday.

    He MUST have an angel watching out for him; this little guy so deserves that after what he's been through in life already.


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