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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The San Diego Reader

The San Diego Reader is this marvelous, totally grown up magazine that's published every now and then (once a month I think), is FREE, and has some truly great writing in it. When I was getting my heart monitored, to make sure I had one, and my blood taken, to make sure it has stayed bluegreen, there was a pile of the latest edition of the Reader at the hospital.

There is a terrific story in this edition which is about urban, front yard gardening. It is sort of a Guerrilla Movement to take back the land, and make it useful rather than useless. I thought the front page was a terrific piece of art, as well. The story is very interesting, telling how one family took control of the out of control wasteland of green grass and makes a New Age Victory Garden out of it.

The San Diego Union also had a story one Sunday this summer about three families who did the same, melding their three small front yards into a flower and vegetable garden where the whole neighborhood could congregate.

Go Ahead. Be a Guerrilla Gardener! Kick up some dust and cause a fuss. Start eating better, too.

Saving America, One Dead Lawn at a Time
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Wolfie, on the other hand, doesn't want to go outside because he's not allowed to dig holes out there anymore. He just wants his treat.
He's emoting, "Where is my Cookie?"

See my muck boots?  I love them.  Actually I wanted Pink but they don't come in that color.


  1. i used to plant lettuce between annuals. the lettuce filled in the spaces early spring--and as the annual grew--the lettuce got havested. by mid summer it was ready to bolt --but by then, the annuals had double in size, and were filling out.

    Herbs (sage, basil, chives, etc) all look good in a garden too.

    one neighbor had a dark back yarn, but a sunny front one.. In went fruit trees, and up went poles for beans--tomatoes too. (but these were too close to the front fence and tended to be stolen by passers by!

    there are also edible flowers natsturtiun, for one are also a good garden choice (i know they are almost weeds in sunny CA--but here in the north east, cold winters kill them off before they go wild!

  2. Oh, Helen, they are weeds here, you are right. lol But I love them in salads when I know how they've grown, or been sprayed with.

    You and your neighbor have great ideas with which to fill in the flower beds. Herbs grow well here, but for lettuce, it comes so cheaply from growers close by that we don't try to keep the critters out of it anymore. Everything eats it including the tortoises. We have to grow it in winter - the wet - here because April can be hot enough to make it bolt.
    Another edible flower is the one from rosemary. Also, the pink flowers from a scented geranium (which probably isn't a geranium) that grows in my garden. Tasty stuff!


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