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Monday, November 21, 2011

Big Day

Wilno had a great post today about pain and getting it under control. I'm taking it and running with it, to borrow a sports term from American Football. If you are a Charger's fan you know about Psychic pain, which is lots different.

But first, the knitting report:

The Baktus scarf is looking like a little bird wing so far' sort of a starling sized wing. But, it's a very pretty mottled (?) green yarn that was solar dyed by a friend who may still sell her BEAUTIFUL YARNS. Anyway, Take a peek at her site. The yarn sat in the stash and mellowed, eventually to become a pair of socks. And, now the remains will be a Baktus.

About pain:

Myofascial Pain does very much cause a "ramp up" factor, as your body reacts to stimulus, and gets ready to go on RED ALERT. You absolutely have to use your mind to not let "fear of what happens next" - fight or flight - take you all the way up there to the stratosphere of unbearable myofascial pain, when you have fibromyalgia, period. Because it will. This also works for trying to get a stiff new knee to bend a little further each PT session.

I am basically med free now, too, though was, luckily, not stuck on the worst Big Pharma offerings.

I was guided through this minefield by, firstly,web research, and by a great GP as well as a very wise, kind rheumatologist who both had minimalist approaches to medicines touted by trolley tugging reps who wander the halls of clinics.

I also cannot say enough good things about my hubby's efforts and research as he navigated through Big Pharma infested waters, or about having two daughters who know a LOT about alternative medicine.

Happy knitting! Big Day today for the knee. Yay, it works! More Later about that, plus some Autumn Leaves pictures and a snap of the wee Birdie wing Baktus.

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