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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our version of "Fall Colors"

Liquid Amber Grove

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More and more of these trees are being planted in California. They are good food sources for all the finch species. I love to watch the tiny Lesser Gold or Gold Finches hang onto a seed pod and eat the small seeds within. The seed pods themselves are great for crafting. The trees look like they are decorated when all the leaves fall and just the pods, on their long stems are left on the bare branches. Maybe I'm a little odd but I look forward to these events every year.

Knitting Report: The Baktus scarf now is as big as a crow's wing. Next it will be as large as a Raptor's wing, maybe like a Redtail! Well, maybe only as large as a Cooper's Hawk's wing, we'll see. There is an awful lot of that green yarn left; maybe I'll knit a bird blind out of it, too!

Weather report: We had a couple days of clouds and then one of measurable rain on Sunday. Yay! On the way to an appointment with my nice surgeon the next day, the puffy clouds were clearing out and the temperature was dropping.

Clouds from nice cold storm breaking up over Santee Valley

DH actually had to put a windbreaker on (gasp) before he walked Wolfie while I was at PT yesterday. This is the man who has nearly a Yeti's tolerance for cold weather, or so we've been told. Temps dropped into the 30's over night, and 43 degrees so far today. That's chilly for old bones in California!  It's time to finish that Manly Beastly Aran sweater and that Noro.

This is absolutely knitting weather!  When I can stand to have something brushing the fast healing scar, I'll break out the sweaters for the extra warmth while knitting.

Knee report:   Since I spoke of the devil, here's an update; it is healing up so fast that I'm already at the three month mark for "performing knees".  I credit doing all the exercises every day, and DH's very good care,  as well as great PTs.  If you get this done, eat lots of protein fro rebuilding the knee, and do your exercises every day, more than once.  The exercises work to keep the knee free and bending well.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the State Side readers!

One last thing.  My tiny Cezanne:
My sister bought a book on clearance that was about Impressionist and Post Impressionist artists, and she framed as much as she could from it, cutting out the prints. She found out that I loved Cezanne, so she made me a little picture of a small print from her book. Now I "OWN" a little Cezanne.


  1. Such pretty trees! I had not been on the Cape for a whole fall until this year and I forgot how much I loved fall color (grew up near Cleveland OH).

  2. Thanks ellen, for your comment. I'm finally catching up a little since PT is over.

    There are more and more grove -like plantings of Sycamore, a nearly wiped out native, and Liquid Amber, being planted for landscaping. When they turn color, it is a sight to behold. But, they usually get their colors much later here, like in January.


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