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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

little of this, little of that

Jane, whose lovely knitting blog is HERE,  has some snaps of her beautiful Christmas cactus which is blooming.  I think all flowers should be shared widely so as to increase the happiness factor.  

So, now that I'm walking every half hour or so, I teetered out to the windows  by the shade patio to see what Mother Nature has been up to.   Well, there's a Bromeliad blooming, but no Zygos blossoms yet.  The weather is back up into the eighties but that's no excuse.    But, the trip - a word I probably shouldn't be using - was not in vain, since the Winter Wren chose that time to flit through the many plants in search of any bugs lurking in them.  That perky little fluff of brown striped feathers would cheer up a troll.

I am getting a cane in about a week.  Yay!  See, if you are contemplating having this done, recovery is PDQ!   It doesn't take forever.   So, back to canes.  I went in search of a group that makes and shares patterns for cane covers and after many unsuccessful searches turned up the old group that used to be in the side bar.  They are called Missability .  The web site shows all the exuberance that positive thinking engenders, so bear with the color scheme.  It's a fun place. 

There is so much going on here in terms of icing a limb, exercise sets, walkabouts, and normal daily life that I just can't get a knitting mojo working.  For instance, I reaaaally want to be outside in the Fall garden, repotting ferns- at present a no no.  But, I found a wonderful pumpkin sock pattern HERE that actually comes from Ravelry, and put the site, Knitting Under The Desk, into knitting sites at Some Of My Favorites .

Since it takes hours to type as short a post as this one,   until I can be on my desk top I won't probably post again.

So, Anyway, please don't think that I've fallen in the garden, or down a pothole while walk about.   I am fine, just run off my feet trying to keep up with my PT who is holding a cane before my eyes, as a carrot on a stick  so to speak -  unless and until my Quad muscle improves, and DH who keeps fretting that I'm not getting enough time in for the quad to imrprove.

There is also, I must admit, an almost irresistible urge to post some really ghastly pictures of post op recovery that my inner-ghoul keeps tempting me with.  No one needs that.    My kids might want to see  them but no one else needs that.

Sorry there hasn't been any flowers.

PS.  Both my PT and I agreed that one of my blister scars looks like a Kee Wee, so if I accidentally keep it, I can wear my accidental art tatoo with great pride and some Joy.


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  1. What a great pattern! (love the title'knitting under the desk') no, you must feel comfortable with what you would like to show. I certainly wouldn't mind, but I trust your feelings ;) I know you'll be out in your garden before you know it! :)


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