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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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"Amarante", in "Milagro Beanfield War"

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Navajo Blessing

Monday, December 26, 2011

2012 Resolutions

It's that time of the year, so I'm so very ready to do this. I make my resolutions on the 26th of December but now I'll post them here on that day as well.

Last year only a portion was done because of injury to a major limb in June, but this year should see progress!  My woggy knee, now replaced, should be completely well, and I will be able to hop around like a feisty Scrub Jay.

Things to get done in 2012

Besides surviving the Death of this 4th World, and the Creation of the 5th, I plan to . . . .

1 .  Finish those two UFO sweaters -Manly/Beastly and the Noro Cardi, THIS YEAR preferable before June!

2 .  Finish a quilt that I've had planned and cut out (for years) for a once baby girl, and give it to her.  She is absolutely as adorable as she was as a baby, and now almost as tall as I am.

3 .  Clean and organize the remaining jumbled portions of my habitat, namely the ceramic areas, paper craft area, and jewelry/beading bench of my studio. I must see to it that the bloddy big troll of a work bench gets moved to better lighting.

4 . Redraw, start, and finish a needlepoint wall hanging for DH that he saw done, and he loved, at the LYS.  He has been been kind enough to not keep reminding me of my little "out-of sight-out-of-mind" problems in finishing things.

5 . Sit down and spin some wool at least ten minutes every weekday.  Include the hand spindles, too, in the same ten minute rule. I've found a lovely area to set up the wheel with the best possible light, which is from a skylight, bolstered with a lamp over my shoulder.  When yellow looks like pink in dim light, you need more light than normal people do.

6 . Always look for beauty and for Accidental Art, everywhere... I've stopped seeing accidental art, though it's got to be out there. As everyone knows, it is always out there!

7 . Make new short fingered gloves for DD2, the sweater top for DD1, and cat-nip toys for my many kitty friends and the Grandcats.  Just because one can no longer have a cat doesn't stop one from loving them and wanting to make their lives happier.

8 . Do what OfTroy at Golden Apples has done, which is to make sock kits to knit a pair a month. Do this before the end of 2011.  Meaning today...Now!

9 . Make that long planned for area for card making in the small part of the SR and get busy making cards!  Keep reminding myself often that by my age I have I've earned the right to play with all my crafting supplies every single day if I so desire.

10 . Plant Buddlea along the fence in a new bed created by making the dry stream bed we always talk about.  It's time to stop all the talk, talk, talk and just do the side yard.  I want more butterflies in my life.

11 . Paint the hallway, AND if there is time,  the main eating area. Other old people have managed it; so can I.

12. Listen to my body more.  When it needs to rest, I will rest!

13 . Go back to spark people to lose 13  more pounds.



  1. About #6; I'm willing to give you a pass. You haven't been up and out lately, and it's hard to take pictures when you're trying to figure out how to walk.

  2. That is entirely true, k, and I thank you. :-)

    My Bro and I had a big chin wag as we traded recovery stories at Christmas, and he confirmed that if you get too frisky, you are going to pay for it, and also that the knee stays hot for at least three months. It's summer inside there, for the little worker bee cells who are busily plastering their own coverings on all the new stuff to make it seem like "home and family".

    By the way, The metal rabbit you made is beautiful. I love your small art piece.

  3. Me too, Me too!
    All the best in the New Year Lynne and Bob!

  4. I've got my list too - I guess we'll see how far we get with them. There are always things we just can't seem to get to, but I suspect that is simply a lack of interest rather than inability.

  5. #12 sounds great, I know its hard though :)

  6. I'm thinking I need to start on turtles. I've been mulling over the plates in their shells for a while now.


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