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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

All about Bees...

That other title was just too long.

Cinderellen put up a lovely YouTube tribute to pollinators on her blog.  So it got wheels turning.  DH and I have been following the news about bees for some time now so a news search was in order.

I found a newish article and put it under the Bee picture in the side bar.  Here is an excerpt from that article from CNN:

"Dr. Jennifer Sass, a senior scientist with the health group at the Natural Resources Defense Council, says that while the Bromenshenk/Army study is interesting, it fails to ask the underlying question "Why are colonies dying? Is it because they're getting weak? People who have HIV don't die of HIV. They die of other diseases they get because their immune systems are knocked off, making them more susceptible." In other words, pesticides could weaken the bees -- and then the virus/fungus combination finishes them off. That notion, however, is not explored in the new study."

A few days ago, DH and I  watched a documentary on bee keepers, and  I went on a "man hunt" for the causes because I knew the class of pesticides were suspects.  We really have some Frankenstein stuff out there being sprayed all over Kingdom come.

The fact that the huge die off all over the world is on going points to some other factor, and since the newer pesticides, called  neonicotinoids, also coincide with this massive world wide kill rates, this scientist's ties to Bayer, and his omission of that fact to the New York Times, are most disturbing indeed.

More and newer news from a Grist article

This Image comes from THIS blog
If you love flowers, and indeed if you like to eat fruits and vegetables, You have to respect our tiny pollinators. Hover Bees are in decline and they aren't in man made hives.  Something is hurting them, too.

Worldwide, we have to push the obstructionists out of the business of real Science.

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