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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bunch of Random Stuff.... How to make a Header, Catch of the day sort of thing

Having PT yesterday with weight, I'm resting up.  Let me tell you about PT.  I went three times a week but it's coming to an end.  I will miss my therapists but I won't miss being sore the next day.

Level Tangerine Rant Alert!:

Yesterday, I did bring home a magazine, a big mistake,  the latest editon of Time, which added to the post PT pain because in it was an article about how letting inflation rise would help settle the economy by letting it grow.
This was so obviously stupid that I took note of the author's picture, something of a kid really.  I surmised that she had not lived through the hyper-inflation of the 70's, of which she spoke so glibly.  It is beyond me how something as unsettling as inflation, which we are already experiencing without benefit of pay raises, AGAIN, could help our faltering economy.

All these theoretical "fixes" being proposed are just more experimentation that will hurt everyone below the hyper insulated upper earners. To support these experiments, because they should just be described as, "Let's try this and see if it works",  are worker bees just supposed to run up 70K $$$'s  on credit cards to float the economist's boat which is currently in favor?   I mean, really, all the happy crowing about the populous going on a buying binge at this time is maudelin.
Back to reality: Wage earners were not the cause of the original inflationary bubble because real wages never rose after 1973 ( this is sometimes forgotten) during a time when prices were rapidly accelerating.  I know, because I was buying groceries, and paying for everything else essential to life, and that bill went up with every other one, including utilities, housing, clothing, fuel, etc.   That last mini depression was also blamed on the Oil Producing nations, which had gotten thoroughly sick of being forced to take payment in devalued U.S  dollars.

{end Rant-Return to Apple Green Alert Level}

Something nicer.... We watched A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott last night, but two nights ago we watched this one:

We've been watching Christmas fliks for me to calm down.  A new one popped up in Netflix and it's a beautiful film.   "The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey".  So I grabbed one at Amazon from whom I grabbed the piccy, too. This calming, well acted, visually beautiful, and perfectly paced film about the healing power of human love will be a favorite for those nights after a hectic day when you want some relief from the "Santa Claus Syndrome".  I really want to read the book now, too.

The knee ...I must tell you, if you are getting this done, the recovery curve varies for each person, and it fluctuates, sort of like an ailing economy.  One day you are elated; the next day you can start to think, " God, why didn't you stop me from doing this!!?"

Moving around helps.  If you aren't allowed into the garden (like I'm not), go look at it anyway and enjoy the exuberance of the young weeds which you know will draw a ton of small birds this winter. O, if it's snowy, just gaze out at anything beautiful that is available, and tell yourself that you are getting better every day, because -in truth- you are.  The body is healing and at a pace that is unbelievable considering what it as been through.  Something else that helps is to remember the horrible pain that brought you to the decision to have the surgery.  I have no trouble with my now minimally cranky knee and twitchy scar.

Header Ways:

Paula has asked about how I did this new header.  So, here we go...

Firstly,  I have a program called Picasa, which is free, stable and great.  That's what I use, mainly, for a photo wrangling program.  It has a feature called "Create a Collage".   The header was created from photos that I ran through Picasa first to clean up so that they looked fabulous on a monitor.  And after doing that, the next thing is to SAVE each element (photo) with the save feature under the file tab at the top of the browser window while you are still in Picasa.

With the photos I wanted, I used "Create a Collage" and saved it with white space around it.   After reselecting the  collage just made, I wrote in the title using Picasa's handy dandy little ABC tab. Using white space lets the collage float on my white blog background.  You don't have to use white.

Then I chose SAVE again and made sure all my hard work showed up when I uploaded the thing!  This is lots easier than it sounds.

In Blogger, you just go to your Design tab, choose "Layout", then edit your Title Bar.  Viola!

Any photo handling program you have that makes collages and let's you write on the pictures will work.

That's all folks except that I continue to read the half dozen non fiction books with increasing dread that anyone responsible for making this mess will ever be called out.  That is,  unless they commit suicide after sending a detailed note of their sins, and they make sure it's been printed in the Daily Mirror before they "86" themselves.

Oh, dear God, go look at some beauty now to recover from reading this.  I have too much time on my hands.  I have been banned from killing Frost dragons, too!  Mon Dieu!

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