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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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"Amarante", in "Milagro Beanfield War"

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Navajo Blessing

Monday, December 19, 2011

Golden Skies, and Last Tomatoes, More Code tweaking.

Yesterday was cloudy and it even rained some times. Later, at the time that the late afternoon air would normally be filled with shades of gold from the lengthening rays of the sun, the clouds drifted apart and took up the afternoon colors.  I was so thrilled that I gave thanks to The Creator for all the beauty of the Earth and the Atmosphere that makes Life possible on the planet.

These are the last of this year's tomatoes. I keep wondering if the possum will get them or we will.

Knitting report:  Happy Face spit spliced the Baktus yarn, and now all she is worried about is if there is enough yarn in the ever shrinking ball that's left to make it to the other tip.  It's going to be a nail biting race to the finish I suppose, even though the Almighty grams scale said that there was ample yarn left.

Going to go watch more Christmas movies to try to keep my head from tipping over to Angry Face again.  I went to the gym yesterday and started to use the big boy's toys.  I think it was a mistake.  We did meet an interesting self confessed farm boy there who has been body building all of his life, almost, since reading that 97 pound weakling ad on the back of comic books.  It is something that has made him look 20 years younger than his actual age.  Very interesting fella.  But, my knee is cranky again, and needs ice.  I'll stay off the gym equipment until I know what the H I am doing!

It's going to rain again but the white tree is almost all decorated.  This is a camera phone shot, so a wee bit blurry, but the tree is looking very good.  When I can stand for any length of time, I'll get the rest done.

Merry Christmas!

By the way, Blogger is letting you widen your blog and I've got mine all the way out to 1200.  It makes the pictures look small but what the heck.  AND... with a little CSS tweaking that is easy as pie, you can center your header, too.  I am in Code Tweaking Heaven right now.  AND did you know you can Schedule posts to be Automatically posted at a certain date and time?  Now if ONLY they would expand the amount of Photo space you can use, free of charge.  Well, I'll dream on....

Happy Knitting!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and the Mr!

    It has been raining here off and on as well. Can you imagine, you in Cali. and me here in Ontario!!!

    I love your white tree. One of my daughters got one this year and it is truly lovely. I will be back to my nest on Friday afternoon.

  2. Your tree is so pretty, I hope I can come visit you some time this year. I'd love to come say hi. Enjoy the music and happy birthday.
    Karen M (kemulvey)

  3. Karen, Thank you. I really love this whie tree. It looks magical! Also, I hope you are feeling much better! Holy Moley, you had a stressful Christmas Eve! I'm sorry that this took so long. The not-so-dainty Wolfie leapt across my knees Christmas evening at my sister's house, and he gave me a darn good trampling, both up and down. They warned about rambunctious pets in the literature from the hospital! I let him live but it was close. lol

    Karen M, Thank you Darling Grrrl, for the Birthday wishes, and the nice comment on the tree.. *Hugs* I still have not been able to get iTunes back, but I work on it 'til I'm so frustrated I could spit, then wait a few days and go back at it again. I'm ready to re-load to a different server. DH, my goto techie, has a bad cold, and he doesn't help me when he can't breathe on me. It's far too inconvenient, he says. ;-)


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