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Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Officially Spring in SoCal...

The "Carolina Cherry" trees are all blooming!

SoCal's Harbinger of Spring!  I'm no longer sure this tree is a Carolina Cherry.

And there is a boat load - well a dinghy load - of new green ware on my table

This doesn't bode well for advancing too far in the knitting, but I did get down a Nancy Bush book called, Knitting on the Road and picked out three patterns for the 10 sock kit thing.  Or was that 13?  *Throws up hands!*

So, back to ceramics.  I always loved playing in the mud.  My brother's Tonka trucks were always partly mine, to the chagrin of my mother and my poor brother.  We built Cities in the sides of the riverbanks with those trucks.  We had cities with Ponds and water systems.  Believe me it's only a very short, winding  path to ceramics from mud pies and mud cities.  Of course we made mud pies for our mother decorated with willow leaves. Today I went back for three more  greenware pieces- a giant Snail, Halloween tower, and a Fall Welcome sign to make during summer.  I'll show those tomorrow or Friday.

Bro and Sis and I feel we should have been born Zuni, or even Hopi.  That would have been more fun. After all, Life, with a capital "L" has to be fun, and making fun for others, including animals, should be a life goal for more people.  Making HUMUNGOUS stacks of dollar bills is a stupid waste of energy and tends to make a person mean.

My knee feels like it's been dancing the flamenco but really, it needs the workouts. But now it needs the rest, so Good night and sweet dreams! 


  1. Cherry Blossoms! Oh my! Its been a mild winter so far here in north east--But February is yet to come,and always the coldest month! Cherry blossoms are still a long way away. Likely there will be some snow, (the real kind) before i get to see the soft, fragrant pink snow of cherry blossom petals.

  2. Hi Helen! I'll bet the trees you have are spectacular in bloom. San Francisco has a lot of them in the Botanical Gardens -really gorgeous things, like the ones in Washington D.C.

    February can be really cold here; last year and a few years before, we had several days of overnight lows of 20 degrees, and if it stays that cold we lose trees. SoCal doesn't have a real winter like yours but more like a Wet and a Dry, similar to Australia. But we do have some killer frosts.

    There's a different sort of Cherry tree here,too, a native from the Southern States. I think it's related to Laurels, so the fruit is black.

  3. Actually, though I've believed these trees to be Carolina Cherries for years, they don't look like them in the leaves or the blossoms. I'd better find out what they are.


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