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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beauty is It's Own Excuse for Being.

Farmer's Market Beauties
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And if you also like "poof" here's a spoof of Downton Abbey. What a scream! Hahahaha!!!

I've gone to Silver sneakers, jumped around a lot and come home tired enough to sit and knit. I'm hoping to cast on the SF gloves and starting the sleeves for the Noro, but I'll be digging in the Wall of Yarn for a few things, basically where in the Hobbs I've put the extra needles!

And if someone had told me that I'd need an entirely new skeleton at this age I would have taken better care of the one I'm using now.

Oh goodness, you have to take this quiz. Who are you  in Downton Abby?   I'm Lady Sybil. Whooot!  Thanks Be to Nancy and the other fun loving wenches at Knitter's Review.

And, of course the part two HERE  With bits of commentary Lol!


  1. Those are some beautiful flowers.

    By the way, I tried that page you told me about, for the works in progress, but for whatever reason, I wasn't able to access the page.

    I appreciate your help though, and I mentioned you in my most recent post about needing help finding html code for "works in progress"

    Have a great day, Zippi.

  2. Sorry you couldn't access the page.

    But, I wanted to tell you that if you have projects in Ravelry, you can get progress bar codes from there that put nice bars up,and they also link to your project pictures. That's a nice feature. I tried them but decided to stay with the other ones.

    The group is called "We <3 Progress Bars". I may still change mine to Raverly Bars.

  3. Oh cool.

    Thank you for that info.

    I appreciate it.

  4. not at all. We knitters must stick together. hehe


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