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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crisco, among other things FYI

I'm sorry, I'm not knitting at all again.  And, I'm not tossing stuff.  It might be the weather - rainy, over cast and wet! - or it might be that fitting three more partial days of disruption in daily routine do not allow for a leisurely retired life - a life that formerly permitted time at home to be pleasantly employed.  It's like having a part time job again. I'm old and cranky, as well as creaky.  Dammm!

So, lacking energy, both physical and mental, I poke around the blogishere for interesting things.

This is a partial quote of a post at a blog I follow called Crisco,etc.

"Dear Mr. Shannon,

Thank you for contacting Crisco®. We are always pleased to hear from consumers who enjoy our products.

" In response to your inquiry, Crisco Shortening was reformulated to contain zero grams trans fat per serving. The reformulation includes many of the same ingredients as the previous formula; we have reduced the level of the partially hydrogenated soybean oil and added several ingredients, including TBHQ, required to maintain the superior taste and high performance requirements consumers expect from Crisco. TBHQ is an antioxidant approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is used commonly used in food products. It was added in 2006. . . .

Consumer Relations Representative

So Crisco and Smucker's, who owns them, have decided that adding a butane derivative is better for them because they can use less soybeans and it will last longer. They have done this without considering the future of our children, and for that reason, Crisco becomes a thing of the past and one of the many examples of companies that make changes in their products for financial reasons and not for our long-term health."

The food and Drug administration approved this for use inside of our children?  Do we even know what this stuff is?  

Then I Found the Molecule of the Day site.  I found the discussion, for the most part, very enlightening, especially the questions about life loads of this thing.  Anyway, know what you are eating and read those darn labels!

Flowers.  These are from free gardening clipart.  I'm on the netbook,which has a very tiny brain.

 Sorry about the knitting drought. 


  1. We demand knitting! You're fired! Oh, wait. It doesn't work like that.

    Thanks for showing up with brain food.

  2. drought knitting? haha! I have many 'droughts' of that sort! My official 'to do' list is over..for now so that is a very good thing. Wow..that molecule site is...scary! You always share neat stuff- you always make me think :)

  3. You mean I almost got out of all that knitting? Dam! or Doggone, or something innocuous like that.

    Always a pleasure to be the pusher of brain food. hehehe

  4. Hi, PJ! Bet you are longing for a time that you can actually have two minutes together to do just about anything right now. I kept my eyes peeled for you to pop in to the club but I understand the problems.

    Glad you've gotten through that long official list, and can catch your breath! Big Hugs! And, the Molecule site was a happy find. Glad you like it. You know the wonderful net...one thing leads inevitably to another, tough there are surprises. I learned not to type in "Kittens" and expect to see little furry baby animals.


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