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Friday, January 13, 2012

Latest News on Bees

But this is bad for all the pollinators.

An article, HERE, at the web page Grist, sums it all up.

It would be extremely helpful if the stone heads developing these things would listen earlier before things become DIRE!  Colony Collapse has been going on since 2009, approximately.

Bee Keepers have been pointing the finger at this new class of pesticides almost as long as that, making note that before that time their bees were doing much, much better.  Since they are the ones who are closest to the problem, they should have been listened to.  Now, here we are, 2012 and counting.

The wild bees in my yard seem to be doing well.  They love the citrus trees, and Skippers are back, too.  This link shows all skippers but ours are from the grass skippers.

Ours are very much like  THIS one.  We used to see these as kids, and in our gardens here in San Diego until they disappeared along with the bees.  But, they are back in small numbers here and there now.  They are very cute little guys, and bright when they open their wings.  I leave Some Mallows and grasses in place so as to give them room to propagate themselves.

Kudos to DH's sharp eyes for this one...

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