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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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"Amarante", in "Milagro Beanfield War"

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Navajo Blessing

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sock patterns, Extreme Reading, Organizing

These are the nine patterns, tentatively, for the sock of the month bags.  The order will be adjusted for the style and colors of the yarns, and indeed some of the colors will change because I found some of the trekking yarn.  Yay! 

1. Broadripple
2. Java
3. Pyroclastic
4.  Breeze
5.  Cinderella
6. Yukon Leaves (because I love that pattern)
7. Queen of Cups
8. Plain Knit Boot Sock (developed from a Regia booklet sock)
9. Muscari

Most are from Knitty Archives.

Reading report:

I started reading the whole series of Tony Hillerman's Navajo Detective series again, after reading Jan de Hartog's very short and beautifully written View of the Ocean, his touching and traumatic biographic of his early life,as well as the story of caring for his dying mother.  I've also started reading Vultures Picnic  by Greg Palast.

Reading Tony Hillerman and Greg Palast at the same time is both amusing and an exercise in high definition contrast.  Palast has been compared to Sam Spade, but he's more prafane.  Hillerman is this graceful developer of characters and back story who lures you in and settles you gently into the scenery. Tony Hillerman writes these amazing books about another culture with fictional characters, and with all the beautiful, clever plot development and likeable characters you would expect.

Greg Palast's writing is like "Raw Story", uncompromisingly the Truth with a capital "T", or whatever you may call brutal expos√©, with truly despicable real live players who have done all those dirty, rotten things to people (or whole other countries) that Grag Palast has revealed to his readers.  It's worth your time to know these truths because they are the sort that come back to Bite large chunks out of the American people, without fail.    At least, if you know more about the Vultures, you can protect yourself psychologically from the collateral damage and fall out.  He also has a wicked sense of humor, very ironic, self deprecating, and acidic, which makes his writing more fun than most fire breathing men on missions (read investigative reporters).

Organization report:

Organizing has been temporarily halted because of a cranky spine.  This too shall pass!  I've kept the inspiration levels high by remembering better times when I had the energy of a wolverine and the stick-to-the-task mindset of a badger.  Yesterday found the Christmas tree half undecorated, and three more pieces of the detritus of life in the trash barrel.  These three pieces never will be completely useless to any other creature, human or otherwise, as now anaerobic bacteria will likely find a home in them.

Also, while poking around the Thrifting groups at Ravelry, I've found a new purpose for a tattered old cotton ski sweater.  Yes, some one actually manufactured these for the market here, covering the mild SoCal Winters for people who shiver at temps of 50 degrees.  Anyway, it will be re-purposed into some nicely patterned Dish cloths.  Yay!

Sister was too ill to come to my house so we'll have to settle for the phone this AM.  She can recover better at home.  I'll go see her later, maybe bring something really good to eat.

Speaking of eating!  The Lime chips I fell hard for over the visit from the kids, and have eaten off and on since then have whey, sour cream and milk solids in them.  Be sure to READ your own labels, friends; what CAN I say?  Isn't Eating While Old a good title for a freaking adventure novel?

Speaking f writing books, someone is using Accidental Art, as in Accidental Artist, in a book title now.  Who knew?  Look!  Free lives for the taking, and on the internet, right out there to grab!  Don't use your own brain and talent, use ours!

Oh, yes.  Weather Report:  Houston, we have Clouds!  This will have to pass for the weather report.

That's about all that's fit to print of my life at the moment. 


  1. enjoying your flowing of your mind ;) ...as I slowly check off things off my list!

  2. And what a list you have m'friend! I hope that your list is slowing down a bit to give you some time to relax. It's been very hectic I know. HUGS!


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