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Friday, January 6, 2012

Visit from the "Magi", Balboa Park, Knitting Blah blah, Organizing, and Accidental Art

The twins came for a visit at New Years, and though they went on huge hikes with their Pa, up mountains (two) and down, and around lakes, the Ma had to stay home because of CJS (Cranky Joint Syndrome).

But, we all did go to Balboa Park to see the Big Fish, and the Natural History Museum on the free day.  Sis wanted to come but got too sick to do so on the actual day.  I will take her on another day. 

At home we drank lots of different teas, ate lots of Christmas cookies, watched fun movies on the Netflix box, ate the very last of the tomatoes from S's little seedlings, and we knit.  Actually, S knit and I just wove in some ends on the Baktus- yes, I know.. two whole ends- and R not at all.  She's the one who is studying History at the BIS (Big Important School), and she hasn't had a pair of knitting needles in her hands for well over a year.  The class lecture and reading load at these schools is absolutely BRUTAL!

We used all the various cups and saucers from the china sets, and drank lots of tea!  S made the tea cozy last year.  It's the one from Little Vogue Knits Book, or something like that.  Noro yarn, and it was a #*@& to try to felt it in my front loader. GAH!  She took it home for more heat and pressure torture than my machine could inflict.

S is knitting her sister a lovely hoodie.  Lots of lace and cables around it, here and there.
I got the pattern for myself. because

I didn't actually knit a stitch.  But this is how I "felt" since I was "Grounded" by a "gammy" leg.  But that's enough whining.  This is a no whining zone.

Big, Lovely Fish at the Lotus pond in the Park.  Very friendly fellow!

Accidental Art # 24 or maybe it's 25?
 This is such a graceful imitation of the female torso, dancing...
This tree was very interesting, and, since I spent a long time in it's shade, I tracked the ants who were making a mess of it's leaves.  They are just innocent small scale farmers making a living.  They were all taking advantage of the sweet sap that passes from the leaves, into and through their little "cattle", in this case, not aphids but scale insects.  Ah, the entomology, biology, and botany of the park is endlessly entertaining! 

Pods from the same tree. I'm glad I didn't try to dig those interesting looking seeds out.
  They can have some nasty, itchy little "pins" to stick into your fingers.

Enormous leaves!  I found this family of trees on the web.
The tree is from the land of OZ and is called a Kurrajong, in the Brachychiton Family.
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It is most likely a naturalized hybrid, as the flowers (I have a very dull picture of them) are different than any others on the web. These trees will hybridize if they are close to each other so I am guessing that's what happened. Here are the flowers:

Sorry it's so fuzzy.  The camera phone is usually very good to me!
 Find more about the tree family of Brachychiton  HERE.

Organizing and weather report:

I have blazed a pathway to the storage drawers in the end of the big room.  I've tossed out old things and trashed other things, just the sort of things no one else in their right mind could use.  There is lots more to do but now there is a WAY to get at the rest of it!  What a jumbled heap full of Important Stuff!  I've unearthed  the Foredom flex, and the hand cranked pasta machine.  I'm tired.

The weather Report: It has been hot and dry.  This means that everything has had the life sucked out of it, and must be watered.  Tomorrow is another day.  Cheers!  Time for a glass of Muscato Wine!


  1. I love tea!

    I kind of have a disciplined diet, so tomorrow will be the first time in about a week that I will be drinking strawberry tea.


  2. Hooray! Enjoy your strawberry tea tomorrow. Sounds lovely.

    For years I drank coffee, black and strong. Loved it! Then I got too old and decrepit to take that anymore. So, I have had to start drinking decaffeinated tea and once in awhile, regular tea. My favorite caffeinated tea is Bigalow Lemon Lift. I drink it once in a "coon's" age. Lady Grey decafe, and Red or Rooibos tea, are two other teas I really enjoy, too. Enjoy your tea!


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