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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bad knee day and HTML fiddles

Yesterday my left hind leg was keeping me flat, so I was a bit bored.  I just can't exercise this thing hammer and tongs, and somehow I forgot about how badly the poor little patela, inside a pair of long pants, could be getting torqued.   With Major Ducats invested in this surgery, not to mention everyone's huge time and effort, to ill use it is just not going to earn a Good Behavior Badge. 

Anyway, the only thing to do was to go looking for things forgotten, or reload a music program, something I just wasn't in the mood for.  I looked at my options, and up popped a little project for restoration to the side bar. I remembered Monty Roberts, the first horseman popularized as being kinder to horses when getting them to work with humans.  His whole life he has been doing this; bless him! 

So, you will notice the side bar has a couple of new buttons.  One is to Monty's page were there's at least a dozen videos that are interesting.  Many are about training people to get along with their horses.  The newest is a little different in that it is one that is therapy for post traumatic stress, and is for military vets to work with special horses.  Wonderful stuff!  There's a Movie called "Tornado" that is from South Africa about a horse that is saved and the boy who works with him finds himself, too.  It's based on actual events.  Lovely movie.

And, you will notice, there is a picture of a horse's eye by dan.  Since he was offering it royalty free, there was a code that went with it.  But, I didn't like the size of the font in the code, so used a little piece of html code from this tutorial to make the provided code into a size 1 instead of a size 5, and it's, happily, still a hot link to dan's photos. 

This is easy stuff when you have other people doing the work, so  don't be afraid to plug html into the "Add a Gadget"  feature of the Blogger side bar.  You can not mess up the whole blog unless you do something in the code of the main page- the Main page code.  Even there, just save a copy first and you can also  revert without saving, which is like having a double safety on a shotgun. 

I've also relinked the Friends of The Bees site.  Those little critters are suffering and we will be,too, if their problem is not solved.

I knit two rounds on the sock.  Pathetic, I know.  I'm still sitting around reading and watching instant downloads of a documentaries, which are less toxic than the norm.  One can't have adrenaline racing around one's body when a leg joint is mending.  I never feel that I'm hurting this knee until the next day when I wake up and think, "What the heck was I doing that for??!"

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