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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Metal Marvel That Has Mended Brains for 50 Years

The Metal Marvel That Has Mended Brains for 50 Years

It's lithium, and it's easy to find, even in California. I've dug it up looking for Tourmaline.

The Abundance of Lithium

I didn't want this to get lost in all the Flak, because it's really important. For my sister, for any of you who have family that could be affected. Let's hope an Angel comes forward with the money to get this on the market. I can go dig it up at a local mine, but I certainly can't purify or refine it. Wish I could, I'd give it away if it will help people who are at risk.

Thanks to my DD for finding this.   I have been hoping something like this would be found.  There's a chance out there now for a million + people in the United States alone.

Today I go for a bone scan and happy that it's so.  I'm tired of being without my little metal supplements.  Calcium.  So many things are metals that you just don't think of on a regular basis.

Grannie advice:  Drink your Milk!

Hugs! and yes, I'm taking the socks to knit.  Dh and the doggie will probably run around the house and play chase!

I leave you with some Beauty, a Farmer's Market Dahlia from Santa Cruz

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