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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Steal This.. pass it on!

Ellen at Cinderellen's Corner said this would be around the web six times in a single day, so I am doing my part. hehehe so much fun to help out a viral video.  Since I'm on a yarn diet, too, this is especially funny to me.  Stashing yarns in with the onions hadn't occurred to me.  Hmmm?

Knitting Report:  I've actually started being able to read the socks so I'm off again knitting them  Yay!
Spent another day at my sister's.  I need to call her!  Is this really Saturday? But I'm knitting the socks so something's working in this brain of mine!

Weather report: WE are getting more rain but this probably won't help the snow pack in the Rockies.

Rare Bird Alert: There is a Redpoll Finch in our County! It's an Arctic bird.  Exciting!


  1. I am on a real diet--and heading to Smiley's (the store is one of my LYS!)next week (a store sale starts monday) with a late christmas present--(the best CASH!)
    Sock yarn (maybe for sock, maybe not) is on my wish list... (thank goodness i don't live in ready (under 1 hour) driving distance of webs!)

  2. Have a very happy time on Monday surrendering your cash to the yarn store. And Congrats on that pound! Forgot to say that over at your place. Great work, two thumbs up! ♥!

    If I lived close to Webs I'd be a dead duck.

  3. I guess I'm lucky that I have off-periods, where I'm not interested in knitting. I have enough stash around as it is. I just looked up and saw some yarn I stashed two years ago and realized that THAT'S what I want to make fingerless gloves from, instead of the two pairs I already have started, with another pair waiting for the needles to open up.
    And I was going to say, red-poll finches? We have them all the time. But then again, I'm not that far from Canada.

  4. Oy! I know this feeling, m'friend. I had to just stop even looking at yarn. The colors are what get to me. I'm going to dye yarn this summer. Takes the edge off.

    And wee red-polls make history when they wander this far South. The big goggle-eyed, two legged flock that comes in to watch such a far-faring bird is intensely focused, and there is no loud chirping allowed within it. You do not want to be shunned by Audubon or the ornithologists at a rare bird occasion. They are both brutal and the pecking never stops.


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