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Friday, February 24, 2012

Water for Wildlife

For several years I've wanted to build a Back Yard Habitat, or a butterfly garden, which is similar.  

The University of Florida, which has been having some problems with drought, has a very nice site, with info for making watering stations for wildlife, including Butterflies, HERE ,as does Florida's Fish and Game ,and Texas weighs in, too.  Texas has also been experiencing terrible drought and fires these past years so their population of wild things has been suffering right along with the rest of the animals.  California, where I live has been under water restrictions for what seems forever, too.

Today I'm knitting a little, doing laundry, then I'll go outside to look over the area that will contain the new flower bed.  Maybe I'll scrape out lines for it, and but I'll definably knit the socks, another stress buster.  But, most of all, I'm really needing yo get my hands into the dirt. 

These little fellows are really suffering and need help. 
Friends of the Bees Site will re-appear, eventually,  in the side bar.
I've already got two butterfly houses to paint and decorate, and two bird houses made from gourds by my niece. There's another gourd waiting to be carved that she gave me, too.  A friend from quilting had sent another bird house years ago that needs buffing up.  The doves, of course, nest anywhere they like!


  1. Thank you for the comment, and for having such beautiful blogs...

    Pleas stay in touch,


  2. I miss my garden on nice days. My building complex (there are 6 big building in my co-op) have lots of open green space--but its not the same. I used to sit outside for morning coffee, and to read, I even would lug out the ironing board and iron out side (in my gazebo). I love being visited by butterflies, and once a hummingbird.
    in the wet north east, i didn't have to do much to attract all sorts of wild life (even while inside the city limits of NYC!)The racoons prefered rummaging in the compost pile (and left the garbage cans alone)--the did part of the work of turning the compost, (as i did part of the work of feeding them!)
    how good of you to plan a happy environment for our fellow creatures.

  3. Jesse, absolutely, I will stay in touch. I love your blogs and your flower pictures are spectacular!

    Helen, it is sad to give up a garden. And loved hearing about the "active" compost pile creatures who worked your pile. Most of the beneficial fauna are microscopic. hehe Sounds like fun!

    I'm hoping you can make a little "jungle" on that new balcony. Light weight pots with drip pans (from here and there) are helping people to create green spaces in their tiny outdoor spaces. I had a web page for that once upon a time. I'll find it, and re-post it.


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