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Friday, February 24, 2012

Winter weed flowers

I thought this was not any ordinary Oxalis.  It's likely a Bermuda Buttercup, down on a shoe from North County.  Yay!
I've decided to post this today, since Diana from Elephant's Eye commented I wanted to show her this post.  I'll just write another one and schedule it.  Blogger has some nifty new stuff, and scheduling, that really works, is terrific.  If you want a page to see a ton of apps for Google blogger, try  HERE.  I'm using their translator that does a bazzillion languages now.  Blogging is a hoot!

 See it  HERE  And If I'm not mistaken, it's a host plant for those cute little Coastal Blue Butterflies, as some other oxalis are.   I have seen two pigmy blues in the corner of my yard; that was last year.  They are different than the very blue tiny butterflies that I assume are Coastal Blues that we saw several years in a row at Torrey Pines Reserve.  Once you see these tiny guys, you are absolutely in love.

Something interesting about another Oxalis, at the  Elephant's Eye Blog.  I have to admit to loving winter weeds as much as other Southern Dry Climate peoples.  They are the most conspicuous natural event of the year in my garden.  So much green is never seen here unless it's fatal mono-culture day-glo green lawns.
Those are quickly disappearing as the water bills go up and up.  The neighbor has a huge lawn in his back yard, but he worked for a water company.  They must get some special "deal" or "courtesy" rate from the Good Old Boy network.

Scissor weed plant.  I have no idea what it's really called but my brother, sister and I always made scissors from these.

I passed the Lost Art, on to my kids.

But, here's what you do with the weed pods.  Making Scissors from Weeds  It's for the kid in us all. 

Ok.  Knitting Pals, I'm sorry to say that the knitting gets ten minutes of my time per day.  With the first cuppa in the morning, if I remember, I get out the needles and have at it.  It's Garden time in Southern California.  We revel in the rains, and the cooler weather but still, it's cold at night but 79º F during the day.  I've learned not to knit at night.  Knit by Night, Rip back by Day.   


  1. Bermuda? Has our Cape Oxalis reached Bermuda?

  2. Ah yes, we're in SoCal. I think the yellow trumpet like flowering plant seeds of Bermuda Buttercup came home with us from our Batiquitos lagoon trip a few years ago when we were bird watching there. The pictured plant is in a spot in the garden by the stepping stones that is very moist from winter rains. We do have another endemic pest level Oxalis, the flowers of which are smaller and spindly. That one provides lovely green for winter before it dies back in spring. It's the same plant that grows in Santa Cruz, and we never try to bring home hitch hikers but it happens.


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