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Friday, February 24, 2012

Balcony Gardening

Helen from Golden Apples mentioned in a comment that she had to give up her big garden and missed it.  I thought I had web sources but actually have a book that has small garden spaces in it, including balconies.  I found that it's very hard to find sources on the web with balcony garden pictures.  But here is one collective source:

Google Pictures of Balcony Gardens

Annuals, planted from seeds, that can stand a half day sun, planted in light weight pots, should be great.  I wouldn't hang anything on the railings myself  simply because if it fell, it has the potential to create horrid problems for the gardener and whomever it hit on the way down.

The gardens in my book have small fountains fit in somewhere, and the sound is really lovely in summer evenings when it's still cool enough to have a slider open.  Around here we have no air conditioning, and I want a water feature for the shade patio for that reason.  Mine can be big and heavy but the light weight ones that are small are perfect for a balcony.  My sister had a lovely little balcony garden when she lived in an apartment.  I think this summer I'm going to get her a small self contained water element for her garden.  I think it will cheer her up and take her mind of bad stuff.

I went to the gym today and have a new goal now.  I'm going to work on being strong enough to climb the local mountain by June.  My trainer is excellent, and you bet that I know how lucky I am to have him.  He's given me exercises that I can do at home, to combine with walking, that will make my leg (s) a lot stronger.  I keep looking longingly at the weights and the bars from time to time, but my wrists are now built more for knitting more than Clean Jerking weights.  Even one of the 35 pound bars hurts them when I tried a few curls.

I remember the good old days you see.  When I worked as a carpenter in my teens I was so strong that I could carry 100 sacks of roof rock up a ladder in the desert.  I could Clean and Jerk 150 pounds.  That was pretty good for a 124 pound gal.

Boy, don't us old folks like to brag about our good old days. lol  I like being strong though.   I'll go knit the socks and leave you all be!

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