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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Catching up here...new book, knitting etc. LONG!

I'm turning this back into an Arts, Books, Cinema, Beauty, Flowers, and Knitting blog. Except, that is, for Health care, Environmental issues, and Economics - my hobby. Well, let's say Animal Rights, too.  I get pretty pissed off about negative impacts by  Human on the other Earthlings, rooted, or the ones with  eyeballs.

I've been reading  First Draft and some of the blogs on her side bar.  They are Masters of the Art of Word Wars.  If you like fine writing about just about anything political, let me introduce you to her blog.  Prepare to die.

The day I went to my sister's house, we went shopping for findings and beads.   We couldn't find Blue Moon Beads at Michaels, and so if they have disappeared at JoAnns, we are going to be sad.  The product that has replaced Blue moon at the former establishment is, simply, inferior.  The findings are not smooth surfaced, and there are other problems.  So, we will go to the net from now on, with respected suppliers, and share costs.

At the gym yesterday, I wrenched my shoulder and neck.  Several years ago I fell off a deck and slammed into the house wall, bruising the whole side of my face and jamming my neck and shoulder.  This required a trip to Rheumatology for a cortisone shot, a temporary fix but one that has lasted a couple of decades, or so.   I'm trying to make this shoulder stronger now, Kung Fu strong.  It is resisting this attempt with all it has at it's disposal, meaning the ability to make me very sorry indeed for having such pretensions at my age!  The battle is taking shape, and the shoulder cannot be allowed to win!

Special for my trainer:
Thank you Isabella Bannerman of  Six Chix
 I wore most inappropriate foot ware on Friday, so we couldn't go to my favorite machine where guys, mostly, are always dropping weights!  Naughty muscle men.  The funny part of this cartoon is that it is from a paper used in Ceramics to cover my table last Tuesday.  I grabbed the section because it was about science, and had a couple of articles about a book in it I wanted to read.  But it also had the Comics where the shoe thing by Isabella Bannerman was.  Serendipity strikes again!   I'm grinning from ear to ear about this happenstance.

About those papers:  since we don't get a newspaper save for three days of the week, I miss much that is good in the UT.  So, I forgive it for being a rag most of the time.  There are good writers doing work for it.  I just wish they didn't have to follow a Fox News format when reporting on anything subjective.

Book report:  The Spiral Road by Jan de Hartog, is a Wordsmith's paradise.  The spiral road is an analogy of the journey of a soul to enlightenment, or not.  Black humor seems to be the Genre but it's not all that black.  The writing is more of a non - science fictional, hilarious (though sometimes serious) romp in the jungles of Malaysia at the time of Dutch "pacification", almost antique and very charming, too.

The plot is intricate and involving.  The characters develop mostly through the eyes of other characters, or through their musings. Yes, this is probably a better description of character development.  The Spiral Road is not exactly easy reading but so funny that it will have you spitting tea on the pages, if you aren't careful, as it's also cleverly satirical.

My copy was purchased in February 1962 and may well have spent most of it's time in storage.  What a pity because this author is a hell of a lot easier to read than James Joyce, and all of Hartog's books are extremely well written.  Jan de Hartog is one of my favorite authors, living or dead, which, sadly, he now is -dead that is.

My next book is this one:

Coral Reefs of the Microbial Seas by Forest Rohwer, and written down/organized/spiced up mostly by Merry Youle.  The paper that I brought home from Ceramics had two pieces about this young scientist and included the reasons why he decided to write a book that was for, as he puts it, "everyone to read."

Here's a funny bit about the Captain and his ship:

"Captain Bracken, like all ship's captains, secretly wished that he did not have to share his ship with outsiders.  His love of the White Holly was sullied by the necessity of having to hire her out in order to support her expensive habits. The Holly's lines were not beautiful.  Still Captain Bracken loved her.  In particular he loved her engines, twin 353 Cats.  They were immaculately maintained, and even the most impractical of scientists was aware that a ship's engines are sacred.  In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, they must always work."

More fun:
The Landlubber's Glossary of Nautical Terms

Also, may I present a YouTube - made about some adventures in the book:

Knitting report:  sock number one is almost to the Fo'c's'le (the toe).  I'm so happy that, between reading and laundry today (or perhaps tomorrow, slug that I have become), I'm knitting my sock though I have got to make marmalade on Monday before the lemons shrivel! 

Cinema:  I watched a foreign film about illegal immigrants in Belgium.   An humane people should never EVER follow Belgium's example.   The film won a director's award at Cannes last year.  "Illegal"  We can't let what has started in our detention centers get as bad.  We are, after all, all the same species and highly intelligent creatures.  Further more, we have been nomadic animals for far, far, longer than we have been stuck inside "national" borders.   There is a good reason for this being true.

I leave you with something treacley cute:

I'm making this for Wolfie as practice for a full sized sweater for Bee!

Can't you just see that feathery little tail wagging away on this darling little white version of Wolfie Dog?

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