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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Linen Yarn, One Rock, Many Rocks.

The Beautiful Linen yarn from Little Knits came today.  And I think it's going to be a short cardi rather than a scarf.  The Hanami stole really needs to be made in a wool or at least a silk, something with a better chance at splicing properly.  I went to Knitting Paradise with a "splicing linen" question in mind and found THIS .  There are going to be LOTS and LOTS of Russian joins in my future, I suppose.  There IS always fabric glue. hehe

My sister made the decorations on the top of the basket.  I'm afraid the camera is going south.  I hope it can be fixed because I love this little mid-sized Canon.

The color was almost perfectly, still too Blue,  reproduced once we got outside on the patio

Today, while outside for the yarn's photo op, I looked down an Lo, there were two rock pile elements that caught my eye, both things for jewelry making

Agate inclusion weathered free from matrix
There was a long, beautiful agate to slice into wire wrapping bits, or just to admire on a shelf in some sort of stand after a really good scrubbing.  This piece was collected in the desert in Southern Arizona - way out there by Locomotive Mountain on the Lazy B Ranch.  It's a fun four wheel drive sort of place.

 These are very small pieces of Peridot.  The dark piece at the base of the fingers is a large, dark crystal of Peridot.   I have a smallish hand, so these are pretty small.  When cleaned up and polished a little, they will make bright elements for an ornament to hang in a winter window.  I've been looking for these for awhile.  They were a Quartzsite find.

Today was a quiet day but cold outside; to Californians, used to 75° March weather, it was cold. Brrrr!  But it was sunny.  A very nice day as long as you had a sweater handy.

I excavated the sock heel pattern, and will work on that  until I'm past the gussets.  I love gussets but don't really like turning the heel.  I'm always sure something will slip off the needles ( though nothing ever has), and I won't see it until all the gusset part is done.  Rho loves to knit heels but she knits toe up,which is an art I can't bring myself to try.  It's a prejudice, I know. Knitting may be the new Zen, but heel cups have to be watched with the eye of an eagle!

Last night we watched an amazing movie!  It's called "Snow Falling on Cedars".  It was the most beautiful American film I have seen in years.  The cinematography is evocative and stunning!  The acting is superb, the score is beautiful, and the story is emotionally complex and completely believable.   I'm still under it's spell a day later.  I just can't say how much it affected my mind and heart.  "Snow Falling on Cedars", from the book.

Sweet Dreams!


  1. The heel is turned, soon the gussets done.. YOU are on the home stretch now. If you have little feet (un like my gun boat ones) the sock will be done in no time. The second half of the sock always goes quicker than the first!


  2. Hi Helen. Yes, Yay! And thank you! I see how fast you finish your beautiful socks, and you are my sock guru.

    Today, after stumbling around the gym, I will be in rest mode, so the sock will be my solace - that and the rest of the jelly bellies with tea. My feet are the average size of American womanhood-7.5- so yes, that foot just blazes along. I have to try two circs some day or ML again. I've got the needles. Our kid who is nearly as tall as her daddy wears the same size sock as he does. Everything is relative. ;-)

  3. I didn't know there was a movie of Snow Falling on Cedars. I just loved that book. It sounds like the movie captured the mood.

  4. Hey there k. I didn't know there was a book, and now it is a must read! Thanks for telling me. The movie is, really, the most beautiful American film I've seen in ages.


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