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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Whose crying now? The big money boys have a nervous breakdown. And some bead and yarn news, too.

Well, well, let the upper level whinging begins.  We knew something would happen up top if this downturn went on long enough.  We, standing in the bilges, can only shake our heads and keep bailing.  But who knew that pay cuts for the hyper wealthy would lead to coupon clipping in the rarefied atmosphere of investment banking and big money professionals, maybe even - can you believe it - upper government positions?

Two such victims:

"M. Todd Henderson, a University of Chicago law professor who's teaching a seminar on executive compensation, said the suffering is relative and real. He wrote two years ago that his family was 'just getting by' on more than $250,000 a year, setting off what he called a firestorm of criticism.
'Yes, terminal diseases are worse than getting the flu,' he said. 'But you suffer when you get the flu.' "

"Schiff, 46, is facing another kind of jam this year: Paid a lower bonus, he said the $350,000 he earns, enough to put him in the country’s top 1 percent by income, doesn’t cover his family’s private-school tuition, a Kent, Connecticut, summer rental and the upgrade they would like from their 1,200-square- foot Brooklyn duplex."

There's lots more HERE, lest their suffering be lost and forgotten in the rush of news about bread and circuses.  You might like to red The Warren Buffett Hater's Club news, too.  Just for fun.

Speaking of crying, ceramics was a bust this week, literally.  The Great Snail is no more, a victim of a fall, or small tap on the surface of the table, or was it a squeeze?  Anyway if you've ever worked with green ware, you've had the experience of it crumbling or some part of it snapping off because the pressure on one part was too high.  It's how we all learn to "respect" it.  DH says he will buy me another one.  Well, I will look for other things,too, at the green ware store, believe it.

Big Giant Snail's Demise.  All it took was a small tap on the table.. BOOM!  These things just blow apart.  It's scary.
Big pictures are the norm now.  Since I'm paying for the space, I'm going to use it!

Yarn Report:  I ordered THIS GORGEOUS LINEN YARN  from Little Knits.  DD1 cannot wear wool so I'm always on the look out for something to knit her something.   DD@ wants a Norwegian sweater and she will get it, but first to finish the Aran and the Noro by this summer.


 I took the sock to my sister's yesterday, and as we waited for her meds to kick in, I really did try to knit it, but it's no longer possible to knit and talk unless it's uncomplicated stockinette in the round, or a flat knit thing.  I need a bulldozer for an end of round stitch marker when I'm knitting in the round, as it is the only thing big enough to stop me knitting right on past the beginning of the next round!

Sis, who is feeling much better, and I finally made it to Pause and Play Beads yesterday, a lovely bead shop.  It's been around for many years, and it's moved around, too, but now it's settled in new digs and is very light and set up well.  General Bead or the big store in  Serra Mesa is still the go-to place if you are looking for business beads, but for a few beads for smaller needs, this place is just right.  They sell beads individually or in tubes, or there are a few hanks.  I can't believe I got out of the store with only $3.77 worth of beads, enough for a couple sets of earrings.  And, that amazing heart shaped bead was only 40 cents!  It was the last of it's kind so they let it go for a song.   The green beads are actually fresh water pearls, and the pinks are faceted fiber optic.  My inside pictures of the store came out blurry.  I was a little blurry myself yesterday afternoon.
Warm and Fuzzy picture of interior

$3.77 worth of beads.. I forgot the mother of pearl rounds.  duh!

There is another bead store that I like very much.  It's cozy and hangs on through thick and thin, bless their hearts.  They have more findings, that I could see, but they are just around the corner from a JoAnn's and just up the street from a Michaels.  I can't imagine the angst of the owners but they are always friendly and kind.  Linkie to The Bead Boutique in El Cajon, but nearer to La Mesa.  Oh yes, I am a major enabler for bead fans.  You cannot have all the kinds of bead out there, but you can sure as heck have a lot of them.

My sister had been prescribed, by a qualified professional, what was an easily seen to be an overdose!  DH and my web research paid off big time with information from an impeccable source who cannot be ignored; so the  clueless doctor has woken up! Sis is so much better now.  She made me some little hearts for under a shelf in the dining area, and a heart for the "Tiny Art Wall" by my bedside.  My friend M in Turkey had sent me something long ago, and that tiny art hangs there, and a pretty "free box" butterfly wing picture from Santa Cruz, and the tiny Cezanne.  It's nice to wake up to a Tiny Art Wall and it's the last thing I see as I turn off the light, too.

Put some tiny art into your life?  Just pick things that please you (and are relatively FLAT) and things that remind you that your life can be absolutely crap at the moment, with a heart that seems to weigh a TON, but the Great Spirit put a lot of things out there to lift it for you.
I love you, and so do lots of other people!  Take care of yourselves and I'll be back again later on.  I better go bounce off the walls for awhile so as to get some exercise.

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