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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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"Amarante", in "Milagro Beanfield War"

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Matilda's Solo, Saturday Komeekz and chit chat

First Matilda. If this doesn't turn out to be some sort of scam, it's an amazing miracle that someone her age (94) can still dance like this. I'd click through to YouTube site for the best look at this amazing performance.  Whoot!

Saturday Komeekz from "The Other Coast". I really enjoy this cartoonist.

Almost a Wolf
 This cartoon really struck my funny bone.  And reminded me of a few things.

Wolfie doesn't actually get to eat AT the table because Jazzie never did.  Some of you may remember the series called, "The Resident Magistrate" and Lady Whozeewatzit's dog Balthazar, who sat AT table with her when ever the Magistrate and his wife dined at the Manor House.  I thought it was hilarious. 

Jazz and Wolfie are the only two house dogs I've ever had in my life, so this situation had never come up before J.  But we have reached a compromise with those big brown eyes.  Seen over the edge of your arm while you chomp down on some tasty morsel, those big brown eyes cannot be ignored.

We considered Wolfie's past of want, terror, and likely desperation while slowly starving when he was feral, and we came up with a compromise.  He gets tiny bits of his own "cookie" treats fed to him, first from DH and then from me,  while we eat our own good smelling stuff.

Wolf is absolutely the sweetest little guy, as he patiently waits for his nightly hand outs.  And I don't give a frack about what my mil thinks of it.  This is our little dog and our solution to bury forever the fears and insecurities of a being who went hungry for so long that he almost died.  He's part of our "pack" now and we treat him like the valued associate that he is.  He also sleeps on the bed, and we could never, ever do anything differently.

Today at my sister's house she nixed the rose trimming idea, and pointed out how uneven the ground around them is, as well as how steeply it slopes into a roadway.  I saw the truth in this, so the roses are on their own.  It makes me sad because they are so beautiful and someone has really hacked a few up very badly when "picking" them (tearing off a stem) for their own use.  It appears that the Life for a rose is not all beauty either?  Some people are really selfish.

Good night and Happy Weekend!

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