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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Total Recall on Brown Rice Snaps

These crackers have been recalled because the rice in them is dyed artificially with Brown dye #666 that is a known hallucinogen.  If you have these in your home, please properly seal them in the appropriately sized HazMat bags and send them to the nearest Whole Foods Market where the crackers will be properly disposed of by their special squad of  cracker eating specialists who have grown fins, but can still bark like sea lions.

Public notice has been given in most papers West of the Mississippi, and as far North as the Canadian border, so if your grocer has them on the shelf just steal them seal them up tightly in Hazmat approved bags, inform the local health department, and take the packages to the nearest Whole Foods for the testers.  They won't let you watch their testers actually perform their duties but do have a YouTube already posted so that you can feel you've done the proper thing.

Disclaimer:  This blog cannot be held legally responsible for any misinformation a viewer feels they have been victimized by because of the date. 

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