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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rescue Me: Tables Turn for IRC Coordinator | Speak City Heights

 I belong to IRC, which does amazing international work.  I didn't know that the local chapter also did community work.  If I was healthy enough to trust my body to be "available" all the time, I'd be working for them.  I love this group!

 Rescue Me: Tables Turn for IRC Coordinator | Speak City Heights

Thanks to DH who sent this link to me.  Thanks to Firefox for the app they offered, so that I can get away from Facebook and Twitter, or Google+, to share neat things.  Thanks to God for the internet!  Yes, I know, humans invented it, but then others sniffed the winds, and started trying to control and sell it off.   So far they haven't been able to completely hobble the internet. 

Oddly, God made both of these packs,clans, "what-evers", both the Academics, who created the internet, and the Sniffers, who tried to tie it up, haul it away and stuff it down a hidey hole to sell at a half crown per day!  Yay for freedom!!


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  2. Thanks Jesse! I can't access you blogs anymore but keep blogging! You help people!


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