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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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"Amarante", in "Milagro Beanfield War"

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Navajo Blessing

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yay Bisque! Yay Knitting KAL!

Almost there.  More detail will be airbrushed into it as well.  The pumpkins will not stay white, and the rest of the stuff will get clear glaze which will darken the colors.  I'm happy the way the base of the house came out, like granite.  I dry tapped white with black, using the little piece of sponge to do it..  It's been fun, and now that it's in bisque and infinitely less fragile, I'm breathing a lot better.

The colors get much more vibrant after the glaze fire.  The fog and turtles are destined for the garden.
Look at the temptation that has been thrown down, at my feet, like the proverbial Gauntlet:

Mayco Crystalite Glazes.   This is going to be very painful...

Be Warned: The post turned into a craft seller's rant:

{begin rant} I don't think I'll escape anytime soon from Ceramics.  I can't resist the colors,especially the newer ones. What will I do with all this stuff?  It can't easily be shipped or I'd be doing that.  It can't be sold for the time and materials, since China flooded the market, and killed American craft clear back to the Heartland -at least as far as Branson, Missouri.  I have my spies.  When I go into JoAnns or Michaels, I see trashy, low quality and badly decorated things that friends used to make so beautifully, sitting on the shelves for 40% off, and it's probably still making a profit. {end rant}

In order to escape the knitting funk, I've joined a Ravelry KAL, planning to knit short fingered gloves  for my DD, as well as to pick up and knit the Noro Sweater.  Of course, if I don't cast on and knit that second sock, second sock syndrome could hit and the pair could be my first sock-mate fatality.  So that's iin the KAL also.  The Hedgerow pattern is too lovely to not be in my own sock drawer.  I've knit two pairs before, at least I think it was two pair.  I'm losing track!

Life got way, WAY too busy for me.  I've needed peace and quiet for a very long time in life, and had it.  You could say I'm lucky to have had that much, considering the state of most of the world for most people.

I am happy to help my sister but with ceramics and two days to gym and two days with my sister, I feel like I'm starting to meet myself coming and going.  I can't settle for more than a few minutes and that's not good.  I think it's time for this Senior Hyperactivity to stop!  It's time to just go down to the Sea and look out over the eternal Ocean, watch the waves washing ashore and catch the ions floating up off them.  Time to listen to waves crashing.  Let the Spirit whose hand shaped everything just come and make it's home in my heart again.


  1. your last paragraph put me in mind of Masefield's poem Sea Fever--(http://allpoetry.com/poem/8495913-Sea_Fever-by-John_Masefield) I too, love that i live close enough to the sea that i can just hop on subway, be ocean side in under an hour. Or hop in my car, and drive north to the tranquil waters (at places) of LI sound. I feel sorry for land locked people who never (or rarely) can get to the sea. Mountains are almost as good..(excellent in their own way) but there is nothing like going to the sea.

  2. I agree. The mountains have their own charm, as does the desert. Also, that is a favorite poem of mine as well, and thanks so much for the site. I need to print that and hang it over my computer with the Ocean pics! There is just nothing like the ocean.

    Ahhh....the mountains, they are very special places, too. Heavenly, with lots of stars at night. It's time to escape the noisy city, and just go way, way out there into the empty desert, even, where it's so quiet, with only the sound of the wind flowing through the sage and creosote brush. Malpitas wash, or the oyster beds.


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