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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rose snaps, Sky Watcher, Ample Harvest Spread the word....

A way to help the hungry right in your own community!   Ample Harvest

I just heard about this, (thanks Ele) and it is very timely since many are putting in veggie gardens at the moment, or will very soon.  All local and a brilliant idea!  Heroes for the Planet Award! 

I was out and about yesterday.  All the roses, everywhere, are gloriously blooming.  This is White Delight, at my sister's place.  As I was leaving we went to the bushes to take snaps, and I picked her a rose bud from this one, and was rewarded with a smile and a whispered, "Thank you", as I drove away.  This is a big uptick from the last two partings, that were tearful. 

White Delight

And this is a tiny mini rose but absolutely perfect.  It's called Lavender Mist, and is only 2 inches at the widest.

Lavender Mist

And we are going to get a rain storm.  This is how it looked on the way to my sister's house this morning.

Beautiful Cloudy sky!  In the early evening I went outside and watched the next portion of clouds blowing in from the South.  Whipping wind and wonderful clouds moved in layers above my head.  I love watching storms blow in.  It makes me feel very alive and part of the whole atmosphere!  The only thing better would be to be out on the ocean, running in before the storm.  Exhilarating!

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