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Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Fill In... A trip to Point Loma Seafoods new digs!

 1. These three words describe my significant other (or dog, cat, baby, grandchild, best friend!): DH is Friendly, Kind, Adorable!
2. Baking for my family is a delight!
3. Oh, how I adore flowers, and the Garden!
4.  Life can be greatly enhanced if one takes time to be friendly.
5. Inevitably, we all "fall off the twig", so being friendly ensures that someone shows up at our funerals.
6. My mother is someone who never ceased to encourage me.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to nothing in particular, other than watching a movie; tomorrow my plans include loafing about, transplanting an elephant palm, and knitting, and Sunday, I want to knit some more on the mitts!

DH, my sis, her hubby, and I went a couple of weeks ago to see the new Point Loma Seafoods building, which has had a complete tear down, and an all new building was built.  That was a Huge remodel, completed some time ago, but it was the first time we'd seen it.  The building now boasts two stories (possibly three), and the "tent room" that was along the side for covered wet weather dining is now a fully formed and wonderful room.  Let me show you in pictures.... all of which enlarge to very big.

Huge new building.  Wonderful Gorgeous Building!
I'm not sure what the rest of the roofs cover up, but someday I'll take a longer ramble and find out!

New Sign, under the entryway to the Market.  I love the little wave like embellishments.

Upper story, new, atop the place where the very fancy tent room used to be.
The inside of that room is shown below...

This is the old wall of the fish market and now the first floor of indoor seating.
There were a lot of diners inside and I didn't want to take a picture in there of them without their permission.  But trust me, it's gorgeous!
The View of the boat basin from the second floor outdoor eating area
Lush plantings outside the first story windows.  Yes, those plants are really that red.

The only Concrete Fish Left.
  I will miss the others but do have pictures.  Yay cameras!


  1. LOVE your fill-ins this time!! ..and you are so correct your DH is so kind :)

  2. aw, thank you for the nice comment, and I will pass it on to him. Truly, he is a kind man.


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