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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Visit to City Farmers Nursery. Really cool place for kids and adults.

I did try to get creative with the placement of all this long string of pictures but after fighting for an hour with all the text misplacement, gave in and centered them all!

This place reminded me of a part feed and seed store, and a very eco-conscious nursery.  They make compost here, and sell it, and they also have a water recycling system, with a pretty little pond, short man made stream, and what looked like a filtering system tank the size of some of the dolphin tanks that the Navy has on Point Loma.  I won't go into what I think of those but that's the size of this tank.

The whole site is one and a half acres and it is huge, truly huge.  It seems to go on forever.  It's kid friendly as long as the kids aren't climbers and respect the signs.  Here is a photo trip through City Farmers.  It all started out when the Elephant's Foot Palm finally outgrew it's pot.  It took it several years but there you go, something like an Elephant's Foot Palm may grow slowly but it is inevitable that it will outgrow it's pot.

The Elephant's Foot Palm and it's Pot

Fish Pond, small
Sweet bubbling stream that runs through part of the grounds.
There are also many fountains and bird baths, very unique ones.

I wandered around, looking and snapping pics while DH discussed various options for a new pot for the Palm. Wood, Terra Cotta, or re-cycled plastic?  Welded steel shipyard plates made with reinforcing "I" beams?
Some of the growing grounds.

Many five gallon fruit trees available

There are chickens here, and I heard turkeys as well.  They have rabbits also.  I didn't ask if they ate them, but I think they probably do eat some of the polts.
One of the many amazing bits of animal statuary
placed here and there in the shaded plants area

A very Whimsical Frog on an equally Whimsical Throne

Flowers were everywhere.  It was really a lovely look at how lots of places in South East San Diego/Spring Valley/Lemon Grove areas used to be.  There was once an Epiphyllum Nursery in Spring Valley that was a five acre one.

If you get a chance to see this place, you'll have a step back in time to when there where many specialty nurseries, and you will be charmed.   City Farmers, on Home Avenue, San Diego.  It's not very far from Mama's Kitchen, if you know where that is.  Also, HERE is their Blog for all the news about classes, recipes, and even BABY CHICK piccies! 

Shade patio plants.
I didn't get any this time but soon!

Alstroemeria in front. 
The pink flowering plant is called Mandavillea

How could I not show you a rose?

Chives and mints, I think.  I didn't want to be so rude as to pinch them.


  1. Hi, Z!
    Thanks for this awesome blog on the nursery! We're so glad you were able to visit :)

    Was this your first visit? We hope you had a marvelous time!

    Would you be comfortable if we shared your post on our blog or Facebook page? We love showcasing awesome visits like yours -- we think we're kind of cool and love it when others do, too!

    City Farmers Nursery

    p.s. We occasionally eat a chicken (no rabbits), usually one that we raise for our "Raising Chickens, Friends and Food" class, where we teach people interested in raising chickens how to do so safely. The second part of the class is how to prepare a chicken for the dinner table. We sell Jersey Giants which are our typical "meat" birds, along with four other varieties -- all egg layers and not meat birds.

  2. Hi Rebecca, thanks your comments and information you shared here. And, yes, it was our first visit. We had a great time, as you can see - I took a lot of pictures! It's lovely there at your Nursery.

    Yes, of course you may share my post on your blog and facebook. I'm going to link your blog in my post, because I really think that the things you are doing at City Farmers is exactly what must be done on a smaller scale in home gardens.

    The city of San Diego is finally going to legalize chickens, and is going to allow us not only to have chickens but mini goats (two); They have been thinking of allowing us to have small stands in front of our houses to trade or even sell produce. That is really forward thinking for our city!


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