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Monday, May 21, 2012

Greener Shades Acid Dye Kit, Baby Tort, Quilting, Birds, Eppies,etc

I probably linked this before but to the actual manufacturer.  I'd bet you can get kits at Dharma Trading Co, too.  

Greener Shades Acid Dye Kit from KnitPicks.com

I'm looking forward to using the above (of course, first I must order them) this Summer or maybe in Fall.  I'm very excited to be exploring KoolAid dyeing first, and some more Wilton cake dyes, having stock piled the latter over Winter and Spring.  Every little 40% coupon helps!  Sometimes, don't you feel a little like a Field Marshall, planning a (shopping) campaign to maximize gains of your  gasoline allocation?

Today is a busy but happy day.  Lots of good stuff to look forward to, especially getting one fourth of the plants under the shade patio cleaned up and fed.  If done in quarters, it will get done.   It will take more than ten minutes, but won't make me into a pretzel!

The last African Violet (that I thought was just NEVER going to bloom) looks like it's a white with a ruffled dark lavender edge.  The drama queen in me is agog, and it's been very exciting to watch the buds unfurl since this plant almost died last year.

Just starting to twirl her skirts.
 Yes, I'm crazy about these flowers.  DH is gritting his teeth.  This one and the pink ruffled one are HUGE plants, easily reaching 20 - I measured - inches across.

We saw fabulous bird activity the other day.  A tiny hummingbird female, maybe a Costa's - since she was so little - building her nest on a swaying branch of a Live Oak, at the Reserve.  It reminded us of the time the Wild Animal park cordoned off part of the epiphyllum  exhibit to protect a nesting hummingbird.

Here's what I hope to put together after doing the baby quilt this summer.

We each made 12 blocks alike, if I remember correctly.

This was a fun project that started on Sewing World.
 We each ended up with 12 of these star squares, all different, with which to make a good sized quilt.  This had to be back in the late 1990's.  We,  The Blockheads, started out together in Sewing World, and then made up a group that stayed together after that BB had it's final, fatal spin out.  Sewing World was a wonderful place, and those who were in the forums probably never will forget the experience.  It was great, and it was just brilliant FUN, too!   I hope that the family who ran it went on to bigger and even better things.

And now, a beautiful place on earth, Lost Coast, at the harbor.  We happened to be there on Farmer's Market day, and got some luscious locally grown, organic vegetables for our trip.  Make that picture big and sit back and enjoy the serenity.  Ignore the antenna. If you aren't OC like me, you probably can to this.  You can do this!

Look for beauty all around you.  It's there, giving you it's timeless message, "There is a reason you have color vision, Human Being!"

Here's the Button....

With that back rounding up I'm starting to call her a HE.
He's eating like there is no tomorrow.  Maybe he knows something about the year 2012?


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