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Navajo Blessing

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Good News Sunday

Larger trials need to be started. 

New Cancer treatment spectacularly successful on first trial of three people in USA

There's a video, too.  As usual, the only organizations with enough money to sponsor expended trials seem to be pharmaceutical companies, and they aren't interested, as yet.  I hope someone in the 1% steps up and does something out of the goodness of the heart.  I know they will sometimes do such good things for the greater good!  It's pretty rare but it does happen.

One non profit group, Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy , sponsored the smaller trials.  And of course, the State of Pennsylvania, and their wonderful University research teams, have done the most work.

Things are this way because of the stranglehold that pharmaceutical companies then get over the production and availability of cancer therapies, but why spoil this triumph by opening THAT can of worms?  I'll just save that for the "Bad News Day".  ;o)

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