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Saturday, May 5, 2012

KAL, wayback snap, cheering up the cheerleader.

Feeling slightly like someone has put a curse on me, I joined a Ravelry group KAL to try to lift it. 

This KAL started on May 1st.  It is for anything we wanted to knit, sort of like a virtual knitting circle, and we have to post pics.  I am so happy with this, because I think it's going to work.  I'm also thankful for my knitting friend at Golden Apples who just kept knitting and talking to me when my mojo swooned into it's deathbed.  I must be sure to thank my trainer, too, because he told me I need to think of SOME creative outlet or I'll drop off the twig, go mad, fall down a rabbit hole, or perhaps crumple into a heap of protoplasm.

The KAL..........

1. Doing the second sock of Jane's Hedgerows, I finished the other one some time ago and stalled out - first time it's happened, ever, for a pair of socks.

2.Making a very cute Mitt pattern called BonBons designed by Susanna IC, for DD Bee.   The link goes to the PDF.   The yarn is the greens and such yarn from a shop in Santa Cruz bought a year ago.

3.  A new sweater for Elle, with the luscious silk/bamboo yarn (Pink) bought for it. HERE's the pattern, called Stardust.  Today I went to see my sister, and we watched more of Downton Abbey, second season.  We are watching the British version, and I like it lots better.  Suddenly, things make more sense! 

4.The  Noro Sweater, and the Manly/Beastly, are getting their ten minutes - or more if the mood swings allow. hehe

For a CheerMeUp for the Cheerleader- ME- (and general all around fun) here's a WayBack Machine snap, taken at Bee's and Elle's second and third birthday party. 

Look at that hairdo!  But, really, look at that lamp! The lamp is one I wish we still had! That sofa, with it's matching chair, are things I wish we still had.  They were junk yard finds, and lovely.  Junk yards used to have what  second hand shops had.   In the photo, I think I'm saying either, "She can grow into it.", or, "Well, her sister can wear it first."

Sweet little Bee!  First Birthday picture of Elle on the table.  Big Fish is DH's

I kissed my little bald Buddha statue's head several time for good luck and flat out cheering up needed after I watched a Baltimore cop getting himself fired for abuse that was recorded on a cell phone.  Gah!  *spits*  Where do they GET these guys???!  I need to knit more and watch less YouTube!  Why San Diego is so eager to privatize law enforcement, jails and Fire departments I will never know.  Do they just want more trouble or what? LIke a Fireman friend of mine has said, that's already been tried and it didn't work!  For the first time in all the time that we've lived here, there are political signs on people's lawns and they are for someone who is promising to do that.  Just what part of, "we tried it and it doesn't work",don't they understand?

Can I go back to when my babies were small and move us out of here?

This was in the post when I got back from my sister's house.

My used/new copy, to replace the one I read to rags over the last 45 years. 

Where is a rustic cabin in the pines when you need one? 

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