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Saturday, May 12, 2012

San Diego River Valley and Interpretive center. Lots of Photos!

Make them all big!

These were all taken with the amazing Casio camera phone.  The Camera with a phone in it.

This is the pass through which the river comes, down out of the Laguna Mountains and across Santee Valley.
The other end of the mountain massif, and Cowles Mountain in distance.

We went to the Mission Trails Park Interpretive Center a couple days ago.  Everything is blossoming.  Here's as many natives as I dared to post in one post.  I truly hope this many pictures doesn't create problems for viewing.

Bush Mallow

The Whole Bush Mallow Plant

Monkey Flower, this is a Native plant though it's been hybridized in other colors.

Native California rose- Rosa Californica

Flower close up for Cleveland Sage

Cleveland Sage

Native White Sage, Plant and Flower Spike
I hope you enjoyed this small outing to a really remarkable place.  You will find the Center along Mission Gorge Road not too far from Serra Regional Park trails.


  1. I loved it! You can 'take' me on a walk ANYTIME!

  2. PJ said, " I loved it! You can 'take' me on a walk ANYTIME!"

    The sorry and stupid email system ate another comment from you, PJ. It does it for others as well! I will never link from Gmail to here again. I will always use the link inside Blogger from now on. Scouts honor!


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