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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Washing Windows, Rain, and Whatnot....Flowers!

I washed a big window yesterday.  The sky was clear and the weather warm and balmy, just like the perfect Southern California Day.  We went to Mission Hills Nursery, looking for THE pot to transplant the EFP into.  We found it.   See the blue one back there, with all the navy blue ones.  It is suitably HUGE, and open, to be the next pot for the Elephant's Foot. 

Do you see that tiny bit of wispy cloud?  A storm was building, to come and wash my nice clean big window!  And "wash" it, it did.  grrrrr  But, I digress.

This was a lovely place, not so much fun as City Farmers, but another nursery that is right in the heart of a city neighborhood, and in my favorite part of San Diego - Mission Hills.  DH looked up the pottery manufacturer's web page and this place was mentioned as a seller of his stuff.  We could find his pots without driving all the way to Encinitas or Gardena to have a look! That would have been a hike and a half!

Missouri Evening Primrose, a flower for Pina.
There were two very tall, and huge Palms in the background, easily thirty feet across. Phoenix canareinsis - Canary Island Date Palm. comes to mind here. I think that's what these two beautiful trees are.

Wonderful palm trees behind the big green house

 And, there was this beautiful deep red rose in a container. Sorry, I didn't get the name of it.  I want to go back and buy it though!

Looking like a little moon hung up in the bright blue sky, this Magnolia bud was the last thing that caught my eye as we walked toward the car.  See, that cloud?  It has grown. grrrr  We went on to Point Loma Seafoods from Mission Hills and the clouds started blowing in from the south west.  I thought, "I think this is a storm coming up." 

Magnolia Moon up in the Sky
As you know, I don't watch TV, so the weather is something that has always interested me; like a mariner I watch, always, for signs of storms.  I'm very happy that we got this rain, but I'll wait to wash another window until August!  It rained on the Fourth one year!

Inside garden room:
Quite Pretty interior "room", with many bright pots, some really specialty ones.
There also was gorgeous one of a kind garden furniture, and even a butterfly piñata.
Sky Watcher's .....

It's a small bit of sky but sweet and gorgeous to behold.
That's the top of a Jacaranda Tree.

Knitting is monstrous.  Just not going well at all.  *Hangs Head* 

I had to rip out an inch of ribbing ( and inch!) on the second sock because of just kept on knitting until it was an inch too long.  I just do not know where my head is.  Last night I ripped it, and got it back on the needles, consoling myself that there was a woggy part in it that I hadn't liked anyway, and now yesterday afternoon I freaking got all the stitches re-oriented on the proper needles, and started the pattern.

Fitness gives me fits every single time the day after.  This is true especially when a long afternoon of fretting and calming down someone who is "living on her last nerve" is added on top of it.  That is Fridays now.  I better buck up and get used to it because it's not going to change.  This is what is meant by ministering to the sick.  Bless the people who do this for a living!  God Bless you all!

Probably, my tired brain (see above about not knowing where my head is)  it's with my sister, who needs me to be there more often.  I will call her more to tide her over.

 I'm thinking about this problem all the time.  Maybe we'll open a small Etsy or something together.  Something, anything , to keep that beautiful mind occupied and not spinning it's wheels.  Anyway, I can't seem to concentrate on my knitting!  It's time to drag out the sweaters and make some headway on the sleeves, which I will knit in the round.  I promise to post ten million a few pictures of my stress knitting. lol 

Ok, now I want my cookie!  Ok, that's the last of the windging!

Last picture:

Here is one of the Whimsies Pieces, yes, how Twee!   Such as these were here and there around the Nursery.  I would love to have this bunny for my kids.  I need to hand build again.  It would be fun to play in the mud!

May you actually see it as you go by. 


  1. *and the crowd moans* ripping out knitting
    :( ...but you absolutely won with that BLUE pot though!!!! sounds like beautiful days! (AND washing windows! woo-hoo)

  2. Hi PJ, I'm finally going through the gmail. Can you tell? I got very behind at the end of May - because of an "unforeseen circumstance" as the Irish call it. I'm just now sorting it all out!

    The last of the rain has probably gone so it's now time to wash the windows. lol


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