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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why People love Kittens...knitting blahblah,flowers, etc

I can't get the cute Kitta video to allow access, actually it's Firefox that is causing the problems, so I'll just share the LINK.  It's a Scottish fold kitten who encounters some very scary green round things! Actually three people sent this to me, so it must be out there pleasing the devil out of America and Canada.  It's very cute!

I am knitting Jane Ellison's Manhattan Pattern in what I think is Silk Garden by Noro.  But, I didn't get started on the sleeves because I discovered (to my dismay) that, pre-op, I had been forced to rip back the two fronts because the belly band didn't line up!

You get a little crazy pre-op if you have been stupid enough to watch even an animated cartoon of a surgery that is to be performed on your body.  My advice for anyone else facing such a thing is: Don't watch the videos!

Back to the sweater... I would have knit it in the round if the back hadn't already been knit by my DD.  It's her sweater.  I'm knitting the rest but she probably wonders, like DH, whether the sweater she loves will ever make it off my needles. 

Okay, on to the Garden...

Now begins the saga of why I have a beautiful, blue pot for the Giant Aeoniums.  Those are the gargantuan members of the Aeonium family.  They have taken over and built a Zuni Condo on top of the pot of dwarf Turkish tulips.  The tulips I loved are probably now ancient history. But, it all means that we can journey out to a very favorite Point Loma business called Walter Anderson's Nursery for more of the "right stuff" in which to plant succulents -crushed lava rock, pumice, some perlite and sand.

The Giant blue pot, big though it is, was too small for the equally Giant bulbous bottom of the EF palm.  Much discussion and angst followed this discovery.  Memorial Day weekend was consumed by this project, but it's pretty great to have something to do, and DH did this thing basically all by himself.  I provided a little muscle and a lot of moral support as well as unwanted advice.

Big Giant pot:
New Hotness

 Big Giant Bulbous palm bottom:

Old Busted

There was nothing for it but to haul it's big butt out to the cactus bed.  But first came  the digging of a rather "tromp l'oeil" hole using an old base for a show umbrella.

We new this scuzzy old thing would "come in handy" someday!
Note the top of the hole there in the corner.
That pathetic little cactus top right is going back into a pot.  It's just not happy out there with the big guys.

Just squint and it looks like a lava cake sort of mound rather than a hole.
Trim it's bottom, put the "Right Stuff" into the Hole, and....

Wrestle the Beast in, water it, and hope for the best.
E' Voilà!

Happily, it was still there the next morning and not just a bad dream. 

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