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Kilgore Trout

~~ " In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?”" ~~
Saint Augustine

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"Amarante", in "Milagro Beanfield War"

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Yesterday....Wolfie Loves his car rides, plus some actual knitting content and a Birthday.

My knitting is chugging along in fits and starts.  My brain is so full of duties and trying to strategize elements, all important, of a life that's getting more complicated weekly.  I need to go the fitness, it's the best thing for my recovering body, and I need to watch out for my sister.  She needs to talk to me more, I can tell from the visit for her birthday.  So, knitting is getting short circuited, but I really need to knit for my sanity!  I love to knit!  And, there are a lot of things planned and they are really beautiful things for my family and friends that are on the needles.  Being sick with worry is not helping.  So, ten minutes a day between laundry and swishing blue stuff around the T bowls, watering the succulents who almost died, and on and on.  I'm a mother and cheer leader again for a person who is in decline.  And in all this, DH stands patiently by my side.  We need to make time for ourselves, too.  

Waiting and Listening (see those little eyes? He's in Listening mode)
He's waiting, ever patiently, for the Alpha Male to return from the hunt - grocery store.

But, it's getting hot.
He probably wonders why my tongue's not hanging out.
Wolfie loves to go for walks and especially loves to go there in the "Small Den with Wheels and Big Windows".

Ooooo!  Cupcakes! From Starry Lane, my goto Vegan Bakery.   The lovely owner says they will soon have cakes!  But the cupcakes were just so incredibly tasty, and my sister really loves them.

These were transformed into a Birthday Cake!
Sweet cupcakes, little iced heart sugar cookies, and all Vegan!

Happy Birthday Dear Sister C!
After sharing lovely Chinese take out and the candle birthday cupcakes, we all watched the Final√© of "Survivor"!  Having never seen it before, I could pick my own favorite, and wanted either Christina or Sabrina to win.  But, what the heck.  They are both still gorgeous young women, and definitely "Old Souls".  They can do just about anything they want to now, probably.   I do wish they had won the money, though, especially Sabrina.

I still can't decided whether I think Survivor is an egregious and pathetic "dog eat dog" ratings grab, or whether it really has some redeeming social value as a platform for understanding socio/political group dynamics and strategies in a sub group of people.  "Lord of the Flies" actually comes to mind.   


  1. bingo. (Lord of the Flies) I've watched it for years and it was neat to hear your thoughts regarding it. Sadly, I think it's not true 'survivor' as such...I never feel the 'deserving' person 'wins'...it really ends up being a popularity contest and I do think we only see what they want us to see. ...but for the REAL stuff..Mr.Wolfie in the back seat! Now that's what I'm talking about ;)

  2. Hi Paula, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, I'd bet with you that we don't get to see what is really going on in many so-called "reality shows". For instance, I think "villains" are made, etc, by careful editing, and maybe leading questions asked? And, it seems to be all in fun in the finale, though the in-fighting has to leave some real scars. Life is bad enough, lol.

  3. About Wolfie: He's a sweetie but still has some of his feral ferocity. We have to introduce him carefully to other dogs, and woe to the human who rings that door bell or walks too closely to the car! We're working in the car and other dog things!

  4. Hey L.
    Keep your chin up Girlie. You have friends who are thinking of you and your loved ones.
    Does Wolfie wear a seatbelt?

  5. You are a sweetie pie, Karen, and thank you for your words, and for reminding me of our blogging community. I truly appreciate it!

    Yes, the little Wolf wears a seat belt - that's the brown and black thing on his chest. It goes all around his body and has top loops, plus a strap, which hook him down to the frame, just like the seat belts. It's the best thing we've ever found for a dog. Jazzie used to wear something like it. The airbags in that front seat are no joke.


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