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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Tails....

I really don't have any tails to share, so this Hamster Dunce Cap will have to do.  I do love Hamsters but they are so dumb untrainable!  But the cuteness factor, especially when they knit, is pure joy, though I cannot imagine trying to teach one to do so.

Those crazies at the Altoids Constellation have come up with some immensely clever little papers to line their tins with, and this is my favorite featuring a Pet.   I like the very funny claims of what these hot little peppermints can cure!  They are purported to be so strongly flavored because one of the ingredients is the dreams of pregnant mermaids.  Join the fun at their facebook page.

Of course I save every one of the tins because they are perfect for many, many uses and can be decorated to look like so many things.  Would you believe small board games?  LOOKIE!
That's a link to the Instructables.com Page.  Check out all the other little teeny games that can be easily made from these tiny tin gems. 

Sister and I went to find out the verdict on her back and the news was very encouraging.  No stenosis or any truly bad stuff going on but more tests are called for.  So, I'm smiling a bit more.  :)

Oh, Do Cottontails count?

Can you see them?

PS.  By the way, I tracked down that pink flowering plant by the Lake, and I'm pretty sure it's a salt cedar, which is an invasive but beautiful little shrub.  They are gorgeous!

THIS PAGE about them explains the problem.


  1. Yes, cottontails count, but only to ten.

  2. HA!! That was funny what 'Fuzzarelly' said :) ...love your research and shared answer-very interesting! Love your 'tails' and in MY Altoid box is a 'busdrivers survivor kit' ;) LOVE the tins! Haven't had any in awhile...I shall get one next time I go to a store ;)

  3. WEll my dear, if anyone knows a thing or three about rabbits, wild or domestic, it is thee! Thank you for your very educational comment. lol


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