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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Tails and Knitting News

The Wee Doggie report:

Wolfie has had to have a cyst on his back removed today, and since it's sort of big, he is now getting the royal treatment at his version of an O.R..   We get him back tonight.

He's been having fits as the thing was making him itch ALL OVER, as in "Please, Please will you scritchy scratch me!"  "Hold me!"  "Pet me!" -  I was beginning to think he'd finally gone all NEUROTIC on us, from the stress of middle age.  He's 44 in human years.

While getting ready to take Wolfie for a walk in the afternoon,DH suddenly said, "You are going to have to help me with this.   I can't figure out what it is."  I touched the thing and EW!  It started to erupt!  It was just a tiny hole, for what it's worth, so the vet is thinking there is a sticker in there somewhere but the thing is pretty big on the whole.  I have no idea how long Wolfie's been suffering with this, maybe two weeks?

After discussions of various things with our vet, we talked about getting the stitches removed, so we revealed that each of us has taken surgical stitches out for each other.  Doesn't everyone do this?

Here is Wolfie with his cousin, Mr. T. taken on their Grandmama's back step a few weeks ago. 

Ah the knitting!  Laura asked how the Knitting was going.  The Knitting report is bleak.  *hangs head* But I have been KIPing!  I drag those two sweaters everywhere these days!

I'm struggling like a novice warrior with my Sai (needles)!  Getting enough time to even knit has been one problem, and my making lots of mistakes that have had to be ripped back on the Peach Stardust hasn't helped.  I could have knit the back twice, maybe it's already been said, for all the ripping out I've done.  Probably, I'll never knit this again without rewriting the pattern into my own oblique language.  grrrr.  But we've got blocking pads!

The pads are Flooring for offices, and there are two big packs from Lowe's.   Once I saw how nice the scraps from DH's truck were - back in the day it was MY truck - I knew that the matting would be perfect for blocking things out.  I'm not sure about using welding rods for blocking curving lace but more research is needed on that.  If they have no manganese, which I won't touch with the proverbial ten foot pole, I will use them.

Flowering stuff:

The portulacaria (elephant bush) is blooming a lot!  I love this plant.

I think that a bonsai of this little plant would be very nice.  Some one made a YouTube of all of theirs.  Bravo!

Enjoy your cactus and succulents!  They are really lovely.  Pssst!  That does not mean I'm giving up ferns, buddleias or roses.

Still ticking along learning to live in the moment and see all the connections, only I think I'm less a Buddhist than a Taoist.  I truly believe in the concept of a Mind of Tao, and a Mundane Mind, having lived mostly in the later for nearly 70 years.


  1. Poor Wolfie! I'm so glad you were able to get him surgery! That itching must have drove both of you crazy for sure. My daughter has a beagle dog and she has been trying to figure out why the poor dog itches day and night. The vet can't figure it out either. It isn't the dog food, or corn products....or a number of other things. Benedryl and fish oil on his skin seems to help~ We love our little fur babies so much~ ♥♥♥

  2. Thank you Cathy. We are so glad it didn't go on any longer. Whew!

    I hope that you can find out what it is that is driving your daughter's little Beagle bananas. And, yes, we really do love our fur babies so much. We have to give Wolfie a diet of duck without any grain at all in it. $$$ I'm glad he is little! Flea allergy is what I thought was reactivated in Wolfie, since he had a terrible skin condition when we got him, caused by fleas. He had to go without his flea protection when we got out of sync after a grooming. But, it was probably this cyst.

    Our fur babies give us so much unconditional love, and they so deserve that back from us. So many people are recognizing this that it gives me hope for human beings.


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