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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Flowers and Gardens.

This is part of Susanna Pagan's Landscape design that won 8 awards recently at the Country Fair.  Wonderful Garden ideas from their pages.....  See all the garden shots HERE 

Amazing Garden!

No I'm not knitting but I am putting things away and washing clothes.  Yay!  And I bought a surprise for my Wonderful Fitness Guru, whom I hope will like it.  I will show it later.


  1. Wow! Really it was an wonderful garden that you made. By simple word it is not just garden, it was an heavenly garden. thanks for the post

  2. Hello Daniel. Thank you for your nice comments. I can take no credit other than loving the garden so much that I'll use a door element in my own garden. I'm so glad that you liked the post.

    Susanna Pagan is a genius at landscaping. There are a few ideas in there that I will use in my own garden, especially the door. I have one laying around, and it's part glass. The pebbles we have, too, though I was going to cement them in; I really like the graveled base cover.

  3. The blog has given useful information about flowers and gardens. Useful post

  4. Thank you for your encouraging comment. I see that your business is in Singapore. You get a lot of rain there, something my garden needs more of.

    My SoCal side yard garden needs lots of work but we are afraid of losing the birds and butterflies as many essential weeds grow, in winter, for them to use as food and host plants in spring and summer.


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