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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wolfie's new T, India's Barefoot College and other fun stuff.

We've had a wonderful visit with our daughters, lots of chats, crafting, and we missed the record breaking heat in our own end of Cali.  The big surprise is that all the plant life made it!  Close, but they made it!

Wee Wolfie pulled out a stitch (which left him with 13) so we went to PetSmart and bought him a T shirt, luckily, on deep discount - Those little devils can be pricey! .  This occurred after we dashed around, going to thrift stores and many big retailers to try to find an 18 month old's little T.  Where do people buy baby shirts nowadays?  At one time, I made T shirts for everyone, and still have some fabric that has the words "Double Trouble" knit into the fabric.  That was for the Twins. lol

 We think his little T is SO cute that I'll make him more, silk screen designs just for him. 

Looky Looky!

India's Barefoot College

Lordy this is GREAT STUFF!  Sierra Magazine had an article on this in their new FALL ISSUE 

There are things like this going on in the world.  I hope that Multi Nationals don't try to stop them.  I'd like to see them try it!!  The last resource disaster for them was an uprising over people being fined for collecting rain water from their roofs in South America.  Bechtel also got it's hands slapped!  Power to the People!

Now, crafting... Bee and I made sock monkey's for the little girls... and Bee made two for DH and I. 

The pattern

Roland in front, Rapunzel in back of him
and the two unnamed ones in back.
I made the big one on the left and Bee the really cool one on the right.
And you should see this Pink Fire hydrant:

It looks a little peachy but the DDs declared it to be pink, and I concur.
It's one of a kind.  You have to love Santa Cruz.

Here, at last, some gorgeous orchids from the Farmer's Market in Monterey:

Look at the prices... Amazing
Tomorrow, more from the Monterey Aquarium, and lot's more craft chat.  I didn't get the knitting out of the van yet.  I'm sort of too hot to think about it right now.  I'll get to it.


  1. I treated myself to an orchid (earlier this week)--on sale (a mere $7)The flower last so long--and with just a smidge of care, the plant's re-bloom in a few months--at a million dollars it would be cheap for all the pleasure it gives me.

  2. Oh I completely agree about Orchids. I'm glad that you have this sweet flower to cheer you up, especially after that car/DMV ordeal.


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