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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Komeekz

Good old Wiley....

I found this cartoon among several others in, of all things, a knitted toy book on my shelf.  Right now, I feel like the guy under the palm tree.  hehehe

Maybe I'll knit a Zebra out of the book.  It's very cute.

I want to knit a penguin, too.

Speaking of which, this little fellow made us all very sad the day we went to the Aquarium.  He just stood at the big windows that over look the ocean, looking out.  We think he was there for at least 40 minutes.  I just feel very bad for captives, but especially when they show signs of longing, loss or depression like this little bird does.  I hope someone figures out how to help him.


  1. is the penguin being rehabilitated for later release? Or 'just a zoo animal'?

  2. Hi Diana. I'm not sure about Monterey Aquarium, but SeaWorld got all of the San Diego Zoo's captive penguins when that exhibit was closed. Monterey may have acquired their penguins in the same way, from other collections of captive birds and their offspring. Some penguins at Monterey are re-habbed but can't be released. They will always re-release if they can. I'm not sure if this little guy is one of those but if behavior is a clue, he is.

    Closer to home, I recall two rescues that were taken for re-hab to SeaWorld, and the injuries were so great that neither could be re-released. SeaWorld was kind enough to inform me that the birds went into their permanent exhibit. One was a California Brown Pelican and one was a migrating Red-necked Phalarope that was probably knocked down by a hawk, then dropped right at a roofer's feet. The roofer took the bird to his home, called Project Wildlife, and I picked it up there.


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