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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DuPont and Monsanto spending big in Cal

Article from Berkeley Daily Planet

I am posting this link because Food Safety should not BE political.  But because of the way things have become, with Corporations who have vested interests spending huge amounts of money attempting to defeat popular measures in my state, I can't just let that go down without blogging about it.  It makes me angry, and I mean to fight this with what I have!

I just received - yesterday and almost on the Eve of the election- a huge, glossy last minute piece in the mail about why we should vote "no" on Proposition 37.

I only wish I could follow every lead in it, back to the root.  Several other companies besides Monsanto and Dupont are spending big in a last ditch attempt to defeat this truth in labeling measure.  Parents, especially, should be concerned about this sort of clout coming down in a single state against a "truth in labeling food" measure.

Children are the ones who will have the most exposure to these foods.  We, as parents,  should be able to know what we are feeding kids, since no one really understands how food crops, modified to include genes from insects and other substances, will affect children in the long run. 

I'm knitting again and will soon get control of my own life back, I hope.  I need to be able to practice peace.

Here is another LINK to a breakdown of where the money is coming from. 


  1. The Cornucopia Institute has answers. Monsanto is a huge, influential lobbyist in DC. Cargill is equally bad as is DuPont. Safeway and Target among others donated money to defeat prop 37. Trader Joe`s is sitting on the fence. What are they hiding? It`s a mess. It`s all about the money. Not our health.

  2. Indeed it does Cathy. Thank you for comment about Cornucopia Institute. Of particular interest at the moment, on the site, is the Commentary by Charlotte Vallaeys on the position taken up by the American Academy of Pediatricians. I have a sister who has a disease that is caused, in part, by her exposure to pesticides from the time she was a baby living along a river that drained agricultural fields upstream. No one knows what the long term effects of chemical use will be, but I think we are starting to see the results in people in their 60's who "lived down stream." How much worse is a cultivar or seeds that carry a totally unknown gene within their structure? What is the affect on the mitochondria, for instance, deep within each cell?
    You are right. This is not about our health.


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