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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Komeekz, plus "This and that"

 Art Rant, Care and Feeding of Good Things, Democracy Maintenance ...Dust  to Dust.

Saturday Komeekz:

Every parent knows about this....
 This adorable cartoon about a family growing up, and the challenges of being a parent, has stolen my heart for many a year.  I hope you enjoy it, too.

While musing in the big comfy chair yesterday morning, I decided that I'm sick to DEATH of the "art as commodity" community.   I saw some truly original, and wonderful artists (not myself- I'm not in their league) go down in flames because they couldn't get gallery space or a sponsor with bags of the "readies".  With such an event, if it happens for you, begins the mad rush of "collectors" to OWN "an early Glootlespittle" and entre into the art (as commodity) market. I know, what an awful thing to say!  But I was musing about it.

Then I went to k's blog, Dotted Yellow Line and grabbed her link to an article. It's so worth sharing.

Also, at Big 7-0 & More , June reminded her readers of something worth remembering - that we need to celebrate, within ourselves and as a community, the people who make a difference in the world around them by bringing joy and fun into lives.  YES! Magazine, which I read from time to time (and want to share) is one place that was created to do just that.

On the other hand, it's unfortunate that we've had to keep such a constant vigilance to save a Democracy meant to be a model for the world, and this to the point that the good got pushed to the wayside. We have a big job ahead of us, folks!

  Remember, You have the right to vote!!!!

Horoscope for the day:
"There is no major conflict in your foreseeable future except perhaps between warring factions of your own belief system.  This touch of cognitive dissonance makes the day more interesting."

My conflict is that I don't believe anything in this world to be Real, (almost all major religions concur in this belief) but I have to clean up my messes of all these unreal things as well as to attempt to dust the rest of the unreal junk (nearly everyday) to feel good about myself.

I'm really not sure this does much for making a day interesting because I'm allergic to dust!  A friend of mine from Rockhound days has a grownup son who was so allergic to dust as a child that it was life threatening.  She told me one time when she and her hubby went to visit him they were astounded by the amount of dust on every surface.  Son was single at the time.  He told her, "Dust is a protective cover for furniture".  She reckoned that he was either on to something or had grow out of his allergy.  I think he was on to something.  Yet, I still attempt to dust, with predictable results.  Achooooo!

Now for the other side of the "cusp" stuff:

"You are the most committed person you know right now, especially your commitment to fun.  Your play today deserves at least as much attention as your work did yesterday."

Actually, yesterday was a fun day.  It was our 49th Wedding Anniversary, and since we have no family close by that remembers or cares much, we made our own fun.  We went to a favorite restaurant for Italian food and a little wine, then came home and watched a movie.  The whole day, on my part, was totally selfish, and totally grand.  I also finally ran down that glue stick that allows ordinary paper to act like a Post it note, Elmer's makes it, and found the most amazing eraser that masquerades as a licorice stick.  All this fun at Staples!  Who knew?!
The Restickable Stick, and a long PINK eraser that looks like candy.

Today I'll be putting things back in boxes that got overlooked in the long healing process after knee surgery and other surgical interludes since then.  I've liked looking at the Christmas swags on the backs of the sofa and loveseat, the snowmen on the hearth, etc., but Halloween and Thanksgiving are coming so it's time to stow some swags and snowmen!  At least the Santas all got a rest!

My Favorite tiny Halloween Ceramic.  She comes from a set of five or six small ones but reminds me of one of my kids.

So, there you are, sort of a week in the life of.


  1. Oh, I saw her up in your header, and she's my favorite too!
    And yes to that Saturday Comeex. So busted her dad on that one, with my darling baby girl walking around saying "Oh, d**n, oh, d**n" like it was a nursery rhyme. I laughed, long and hard.

  2. Lol! I think kids think those words, said with SO much emphasis, are sort of like Power Word, or even magical ones. hahahaha

    I love that little ceramic trick or treater. The mold is long gone, worn out, or I'd make some more.


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