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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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"Amarante", in "Milagro Beanfield War"

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Skywatcher post, Mind of Tao, Day Lilies in the strips

Last evening the sky was gloriously colored.  There is a storm coming in off the Pacific, on the Pineapple Express, so called because the storms originate out around the Hawaiian Islands.  Hawaii has some 20 foot waves from this.  Lucky Surfers!  We got quite a bit of wind last night that knocked one of the Winter Wren's night nests down into a clear area of the Cape Honeysuckle. 

Glorious Fall Sky Before the Storm
A wider view further to the south

About that Winter Wren:  I surprised her/him this morning when I went out to the shade patio.  These little birds are almost as fearless as hummingbirds, so she just flew up into the giant jade plant to watch me.  When the Wrens come in Fall, they make night nests around the place, in many bushes both in our yard and in neighbor's yards.  I love to see these little harbingers of a Winter that on it's way to the local mountains.

Wren Night Nest remains
When I was much younger, I was walking, at dusk, in the desert during winter.  Not knowing as much as I do now, I saw a bird fly into a small Palo Verde tree.  I went closer to investigate, having lost sight of the bird.  It was then that I saw a nest, out of which burst a ball of feathers, making angry little calls.  I backed away and turned back towards the house I was staying in, and felt very, very bad for the bird, because I'd disturbed it on a cold evening.  My friend said that what I'd seen was a wren, and that they usually built several little mussy-tussy nests here and there, and the bird would be quite safe after it got over the shock of my big eyeballs peering in at it.

Today, more tests.  I won't have any info until the end of the month.  But I'm curious about something I overheard from the tech Nurses.   This will be very interesting.

Yesterday I went to see my sister, and since she is feeling better we talked about some crafting for fall, some visits to the local bead stores, and the books that we had gotten her the week before.  Basically, regarding the books, we talked about the habits of  Victoriensis Humanei.    The pretty pictures in the books, we decided, painted a much less real picture of that era than did Charles Dickens.

For Fall, I've garnered a cornucopia basket at Michaels but now must excavate the storage boxes in the garage for the rest of my Halloween ceramics.  Some  of my best pieces have been hiding for two years and I'm beginning to think those boxes are gone for good.  We'll see.  "I take pictures of everything, now, but somehow setting up a picture on top of the buffet just isn't the same", she sighed.

Here are some lovely day lilies, in the late afternoon, from a  parking lot planting at a shopping center.  Beauty is out there!  (Just ignore the Alaskan State Flower on the ground.  I'm not kidding.  That's what it's being called, and it's just a complete shame it's come to it.

I'm off to practice Mind of Tao, and relax.   Hopefully this works better than Zen Knitting. 


  1. Thanks for the welcome for Comet and for the positive words. There are a few little blips between her and Pilot but I think they're working it out! Enjoy the rain.

  2. You're welcome and I'm so happy to hear that the furbabies are working it out. It always takes some time to establish the order of things. Relatives have three tiny Maltese, and those little dogs are still working it out. lol.

    And we did get some much needed rain overnight, too, which has done us a world of good. I'm greedy for more but we'll see!


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