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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Tails, and a bit about knitting in Fall

Wolfie is doing well with his cheese ball "treat" in the mornings and afternoons.  We put half a long acting benedryl into a cheese ball, and he literally wolfs it down.  He is still a tiny bit "itchy scratchy" but not nearly bad enough to be a problem for him to enjoy his life.  He's more cuddly now, like before.  Poor little guy.  This happy little dog always looks so sad, (Contemplative?) with his little triangular mouth and big brown eyes.

The Dog Contemplates the Woman

Wolfie Contemplates  "Life in Captivity"

But he does have Pals.

Wolfie and Mr. T after a play chase

The Knitting report:
The cooler Fall weather has finally arrived, so out came the knitting.   Using Angel fran's "10 Minutes a Day" rule, I plan to get the sleeves for Manly/Beastly, the second sock of Jane's Hedgerows, Bee's thumb mitts and Elle's Stardust cardi finished.  The Noro Cardi has to be blocked, and that takes laying it out on a couple of craft tables.  That means DH will help with the heavy lifting. It will also mean making space for those tables!  Perhaps the Noro can be laid out, on it's rubber mats, on the dining room table where all the light is.  I'm pre-blocking the pieces before sewing them together.  And, I'm not starting anything until all this is done.  5 UFO's is enough for me.

Ceramic Report:
Mr. Toad and Froggie came home last week.  One is now in the garden.  This collage shows them nearly the same size but Mr.Toad is HUGE and almost twice as large as Froggie, who still needs to have some acrylic applied over his eyes and the ventros.  Mr. Toad is the same glaze as the Ocean Plate, and Frog is Reptilian glaze, which is no longer made, I'm told.  But stores should never under-estimate the Web or it's marvels.

Garden News:
The rose that I thought was going to die, came back to life, added a ton of new leaves, and bloomed a LOT.  This is the last of this season's blooms.  Now I have to convince DH that it needs to be fed again.  The leaf color is still a little pale. The rose is Apricot Nectar, Grandflora form.  The perfume from the blossoms scent a room when the flowers are in a vase.   The birds love the cover for their baths, and the tortoises love the blown roses for eating.  DH picks and gives them to the torts, and when he comes back inside the scent from the roses is still on his hands.  This is the best picture the little camera phone could take one evening - poor thing.

I've had several medical tests planned for me today.  I've been practicing patience here as they roll up, completely too late for any real purpose.  This too shall pass.   Taking a good book along, or maybe some knitting that isn't too bulky should help, purhaps the Thumbed Mitts.  Usually, I just grab a magazine.  I think I've got a new IK somewhere....*frantically searches Swartz Piles!*

Tort report:
The three big torts ( Lucky is nearly as big as his father, and they have daily sparring matches which we go out and break up)  will soon go into "hyper-sleep" in the garage bins DH made for them. But the remaining babies- Dusty and Milagro- will not be let to hibernate.  They actually all go into what's called torpor but that sounds nasty to me.  I use Hibernate, as it has a nicer sound.  It doesn't sound like they are going to die.  If I didn't, at some point, share the tort winter sleeping accommodations with you, believe me, I will bore you with them soon.

I will share a peculiar tree that sprouted at the end of Shelter Island recently.  I don't know why they try...

Listening Post, with "needles"

That's about it for this week 'til Friday.  Have a great Week!


  1. The Port District made them do it silly.

  2. Well, those Nazis! lol Thanks for the info. Now I know who to complain to!


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