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Saint Augustine

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Matinee, Thankful Thursdays, knitting blah blah, duct tape phone case site

Picture from IMDb

The film called "Oranges and Sunshine" is a screen adaptation of the book by Margaret
Humphreys.  I warn you, it's not for the faint of heart.    One of the most haunting things about this terrible thing is that it was not ended until sometime in the 1970's.  Such medieval practices are appalling!   So, as I say, be warned that it will upset you.

Blog Changes:  I've added Thankful Thursdays , from Black Tag Diaries, to the side bar.  I used this one because it's seems more like it's for everyone, and it is a nice thing to do throughout the year.

I'm not very vocal, here, about my "Leadings"(as Quakers call them) but I do give daily thanks for my good fortune and life lessons.  You know the ones; they are those things that have toughened you up but have not killed you spiritually or otherwise.  Also this site didn't seem to be selling anything.  Some other link-ups out there (for blogs) had so many ad links that I thought, "no thank you" to them.  But this one, like Friday fill-ins, is pleasantly ecumenical and ad-free.

Crafting with natural stuff:  In comments, Helen from Golden Apples blog was saying that the Liquid Amber trees were called Gum trees where she lives.   Here is a SITE  called Village Garden Web, that tells what several of their members have found to make out of the pods as far as crafting. 

Progress on the Pink Stardust:  I was part way through the ribbing for the left front, using the same ball in which I found a knot, and I found ANOTHER knot in the yarn.  Mon Dieu!  So, I won't use this yarn again, and I'll now rewind each ball just before using it.

Happier news: I've found, on Ravelry, a very good forum (in the "Patterns" group) on how to read charts for knitting those flat parts of  "in-the-round" sweaters.  I guess Manly/Beastly has a chance of getting knit all the way past cummerbund length after all! 

Last, but not least, is a fun thing I found on the web: LINKIE to fabric lined duct tape cell phone cover. I liked this one best because it has a soft lining of flannel instead of just the tape..

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