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Kilgore Trout

~~ " In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?”" ~~
Saint Augustine

~~ “Nobody would do anything if they knew what they were in for.” ~~
"Amarante", in "Milagro Beanfield War"

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Navajo Blessing

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Congratulations, Mr. President!  And Congratulation to the First Family!

It's over and  huge numbers voted though numbers are lower, in most states, than 2008.  A hurricane of the magnitude of Sandy made for a lot less voters to the polls in the east.  But, anyway.....Congratulations, to Us!  We had ourselves an election, and the popular vote agreed with the electoral numbers.  No need for judges to decide!

Personally, I was determined to not hear that much about the election until it was over, so stayed in another country last evening.  But, I had to put down a rabid fellow who was intruding on my air space in Thule;  early on, I had left ceramics when racial stuff from two racists reared it's ignorant, ugly head.  Happily, later in the evening we have a more or less Political Free Zone in Thule, and someone was in violation but could be excluded..  I stayed out of other social media and was told that facebook was really a war zone. 

I'm glad for women and children, mostly because it means that gains made in health care in their behalf will stay in place.   And I'm glad that the person who gained this much for them, in the face of HUGE opposition, will now have the chance to go forward with plans to rebuild our country, help the middle class, and direct the financial institutions that nearly wrecked the country with their greed and recklessness.

Here's a woman who needs some help!

Took my beads to sister's so we could play nice.  Helped her to celebrate, too.  I'm so happy that Elizabeth Warren won the election.  Congratulations, m'Lady!


  1. yes! Love the photo you posted! I don't know...FB is brutal. I just know the democratic friends I have would be gracious is Romney had won, but no the Republicans just have to be sooooo....what's a good word? bitter? And THAT's what I don't like!!! I wonder if any of them have REALLY read the Affordable Patient Protection health insurance Act or they just go on the bandwagon rhetoric? Then you have the 'overly' Christian Rep. gun holders that just are SILENT today...hmmm...where is your Christian basis for actually stating to PRAY for your president after they have been so vocal before....ANYWAYS..I LOVE YOUR HEADER :)

  2. PJ, thank you. I will stay away from FB the rest of my life probably! As to the the critics of Affordable Patient Protection Act, I don't think they have read it. That Act, as Hacked up as it was just to get it through the Congress, is still helping people who could not have saved the lives of their children without it. Fear, fear, fear and more fear at the last minute has really been poured onto the heads of some pretty frightened people.

    I'd say there is a lot of bitterness, but at least half the people who actually voted didn't vote for Romney, so why be bitter? Are the rest of us so blind and so wrong? I have one acquaintance who told his wife that she should get ready to lose their house because he was sure to be laid off; this is because he believes the lies that were just thrown out at the last minute about huge lay offs after the election, stayed by a request from the POTUS? This guy is totally, freaking afraid!

    I don't understand a modern Christian's thinking at all. I'm sorry, but one of my very critical thinking exercises is, "What would Jesus do?". I just don't see them doing that due diligence of their Christian thinking process.

    Thanks for the nice comment about my header. I finally did something with all those flowers I've collected over the years. I've had my wake up call, and am not putting things off anymore. Now is the hour! hehehe


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